Victory smells a lot like Starbucks

Today the family went to my sweet niece’s 16th birthday party. We had a great time eating and talking.. when all of a sudden a Wii Rock Band Challenge was issued. Bands were chosen, and 3 Starbucks gift cards were the prizes up for grabs. (My kids love Starbucks I’m not sure why)

I didn’t pay much attention to the teams (bands). I was pretty sure #2 would be playing with one of his cousins, and #3 would be playing with her friend. I was pretty sure no one would let #4 play because he was too young. In the back of my mind I thought just maybe.. they would remember all their hours of Rock Band playing I mean homeschool music they’ve done and play as a band together… and

They did!

There’s #2 on the guitar, #3 on the drums, and #4 singing lead vocals.

There he is (#4) singing his heart out..

After all the bands played the judges picked …

These cute kids.. (see their gift cards?)

I guess all that playing I mean “homeschool music” paid off!

Just in case you wondered.. the winning song was “Don’t Fear the Reaper” by Blue Oyster Cult.