Saturday To Do’s

Saturday's To Do List..

  • CLEAN THE HOUSE.. seriously.. this place is a sty.. (my excuse is that I wasn't home all week.. which is TRUE.. but still)
  • Write up eBay stuff
  • Dinner= rib eyes, baked potatoes, green beans, homemade rolls and brownies with mocha frosting
  • fix photos of eBay junk
  • Write a food blog
  • plan Girl Scouts
  • Cut the boys hair.. and The Man too..

Saturday’s A Good Day to Eat Pie.. and Work

Since The Man FAILED and didn’t take me to the Johnson

County Fair tomorrow.. maybe he’ll take me here.. This

Market Cafe is on Main Street in Ottawa.. and also has an

antique shop in it!

1. Wii Fit

2. List eBay Stuff ** this is my main goal**

3. Do something with #2′s hair.

4. Dinner=Lasagna and Garlic Bread

5. Fix pictures