Someone’s Taken My Spot..

Because we live in the middle of no where.. we seem to get a lot of stray animals.  The man has never liked dogs very much… but he shows patience with ours.  He really likes cats… fortunately for him we seem to have our fair share.

This is Mittens.  She seems to think The Man is well.. HER Man.

She snuggles up on his lap every night and PURRSSS..

Loud.. like she’s Eartha Kitt…

We’ve had long conversations about it.. and she doesn’t

seem to care what I have to say about monopolizing

The Man’s lap.

I think she’s smiling.. because she knows she’s won this battle.

I Have a Cat Problem.. Do They Have Exterminators for that?

I had know idea this photo was on my camera. I am slightly embarrassed by it, but I am a believer in sharing things that are funny, and these photos are funny to me.

Here’s #5 aka Spiderman and Mr Bigglesworth. He fell asleep the living room after going up against

the Green Goblin or something. He looks so cute sleeping here huh?

Pan out and the photo, is not so cute. It makes us look like we have a problem.

A cat problem. Don’t tell anyone ok?

Stray Cat’s seem to love my family

Some of you may know that I live “off the paved road”.. Way off the paved road and across the low water bridge… SO.. I was driving home, and I was almost to the low water bridge.. (you remember this bridge) when I saw a small kitten run out into the road and then back in the grass on the side of the road.

In my mind I was saying, oh it’s one kitten, and it probably won’t come to me.. but I will stop and see if it’s ok. So I got out of the car, and made that little kissing noise that you make when you call an animal. (why do people do that?) I didn’t think it would come to me.. and 3 came out of the tall grass to greet me. It took me all of 5 seconds to scoop them up and put them in the car.

Then it occurred to me. The Man is gonna kill me.. I put those thoughts a side and drove the rest of the way home.

I called #1 and told her to bring out a box.. she was shocked to find these 3 little kittens crawling all over me in the car.

Here’s #5 and #2 checking out the kitty’s.

Funny thing.. #5 saw the kittens and said; “It’s my husband Gregory!” To know the strange story behind this.. click here.

The one with the spot is named “Scott”, and the other one is named “Mini Mr Bigglesworth”.

(one day I will explain it to you.. but today I’ll let you wonder)

Here’s #3 with Ivana.. (also from the Austin Power’s movie)

They were STARVING.. I don’t know if you can see how skinny they are.

#5 looking cute with his kittens.

Here’s #2 with Scott.

Ivana is a unusual kitty.. she has no tail, long back legs and short front legs.

#1 likes to say Ivana is “two faced” with the light on one side and dark on the other.

#5 with his kitty…

In case you are wondering.. The Man loves the kitty’s.. he even brought home some kitten food and a new house for them.