I Know What You Did This Summer…

A little re-cap of my Summer that went by way to fast…

May 2012

I helped my mother and father in law set up their estate sale.. This was so much fun!

Love these crock bowls!

I rescued a kitten that had been either thrown from a car or had been run over. 

This is Bessie.  She's doing great!

We went to a birthday party and saw this kid dance..

#3 and #6 dancing

We learned that no matter how easy it is to get IN the recycling bin..

It's always harder to get out..

June 2012

I went on a Mission Trip to Ogala, South Dakota…

with these people….

When I came back from the trip.. I learned that we hung around someone that had Whooping Cough.. which means..

We all had to get shots.

My "wedding ring" turned 4 years old…

Who knew plastic would last this long?

July 2012

I took a bunch of kids out for my birthday…

Here's my rear view look of them. (you can't see #6 he's in a baby seat behind me and #1 is pumping gas)

Cute kids.

The Man, my mom and my siblings surprised me at one of my favorite places to eat..

My family.. that's a lot of kids 🙂

I went to quite a few estate sales, garage sales and rummage sales.  The coolest thing I found?

This wedding invitation from 1974.. that belonged to a couple I go to church with!

I did some cleaning..

but the place is still a mess..

My baby brother got married…

Pretty dang cute aren't they?


August 2012

I watched a lot of the Olympics.

We bought a "Drivers Ed" car

Cleaning out the Drivers Ed vehicle..

We took a little trip to the Nelson Atkins Museum of Art..

I Have a Cat Problem.. Do They Have Exterminators for that?

I had know idea this photo was on my camera. I am slightly embarrassed by it, but I am a believer in sharing things that are funny, and these photos are funny to me.

Here’s #5 aka Spiderman and Mr Bigglesworth. He fell asleep the living room after going up against

the Green Goblin or something. He looks so cute sleeping here huh?

Pan out and the photo, is not so cute. It makes us look like we have a problem.

A cat problem. Don’t tell anyone ok?

Funny Looks…

A few weeks ago we found two sweet fuzzy kittens near Wal-mart in Ottawa, Kansas. We’ve debated about how smart these two girl kittens are. HERE After doing some research we’ve figured out they aren’t really dumb, they are Solid Ragdoll kittens.

Apparently Rag Doll Kittens go limp when you pick them up…

#3 here is trying to make the same face has Sookie.. but well.. she’s cracking a smile here

I think she nailed it…