Stuff that Sells on eBay: Christmas Ornaments

Some of the prices for these ornaments are flippin' AMAZING!


These things are a bit creepy..

Antique ornaments Man & Woman Old Christmas Tree Applied Legs from Estate  SOLD $1565.99 by eBay Seller bidoff10  Check it out HERE

ornaments142These ornaments seem to always sell well. If you find one.. snatch it up!

1999 John Deere Christmas Ornament Pewter SOLD $1300.00 by eBay Seller cek1127 Check it out HERE


Group Lot 3 Vintage Antique German handmade Christmas Spider Ornaments SOLD $1263.85 by eBay Seller sheisolderthanme Check it out HERE

ornament144So… there was no other place to take the photos of this besides the back of a tailgate?

Antique Christmas Ornaments Pig Girl Basket Wine Boy Jester Bee Hive Spun Cotton $1239.99 by eBay Seller gnssurplus Check it out HERE


Louis Vuitton VIP Christmas Limited Black Monogram Bell Boy Doll LE Groom SOLD $900.00 by eBay Seller standingpoint  Check it out HERE



Christmas Trees and Other Stuff

I realized today I didn't post the photos of our Christmas tree and decorations in the family room.

The family room tree *was* a tree that had ornaments that I had collected especially for it.. but as my children have grown, it has more handmade ornaments and less of my "collected" ornaments.

christmas tree, photos

The tree.. all decorated.. and with a few presents for the monkeys..

stocking were hung from the chimminy with care

The Stockings were Hung by the Chimney with care.

Next year I'll have to make all new stockings.. because #6

will be here. I wish I had extra of that wool felt, because I really

liked those stocking. 🙂

Here is #3, #5 and #4 decorating the tree.

#2 putting on the star.

Decoration on the top of the piano.. The man doesn't like my

window wreaths.. but I like them… 🙂

Some of my favorite nesting Santa Claus'.

I wish I had 6 of these Starbucks wreaths… I would use them

as my window wreaths.

Christmas Before & After Part 1

Entryway After…

We've been doing a little decorating at our house.. Here's a few before and afters.

Before.. This little desk thing is not my favorite. I used to have a bench type thing in here.. I liked it better. The man likes this thing. Don't get me wrong.. I like it. I just don't like it here.

Here's another before of the entryway. Yes… that is a TV sitting in my entryway.. don't ask.. it's not where *I* would have put it.. but currently it's where my children play the Wii.


Aluminum Christmas Trees Not Your Grandmother’s Tree!

A few years ago I bought a couple of 7 foot Aluminum Christmas trees in the DEAD of summer. Why would someone buy a Christmas Tree during summer? To sell on eBay .. duh…

Cute vintage Reynolds Aluminum ad.

I wish I still had the photos that I took of that tree I purchased, and sold on eBay… but at the time, I had NO IDEA I would write a blog about things I sold in the past.

Let's pretend this is my living room.. and that's #4 and #5..

See that tree.. my tree looked like that (except no

decorations or tree skirt).

I was really lucky with my tree I bought.. it not only had a tree,

but it had like 30+ extra branches. I grouped the branches

in lots of 5 and sold them for 34.99 each set.

This is a really good representation of the tree. I purchased it really cheap in the summer. I

held onto it until after Thanksgiving and made a nice chunk of change on it. Sometimes it's good

to wait to sell stuff!