Aluminum Christmas Trees Not Your Grandmother’s Tree!

A few years ago I bought a couple of 7 foot Aluminum Christmas trees in the DEAD of summer. Why would someone buy a Christmas Tree during summer? To sell on eBay .. duh…

Cute vintage Reynolds Aluminum ad.

I wish I still had the photos that I took of that tree I purchased, and sold on eBay… but at the time, I had NO IDEA I would write a blog about things I sold in the past.

Let's pretend this is my living room.. and that's #4 and #5..

See that tree.. my tree looked like that (except no

decorations or tree skirt).

I was really lucky with my tree I bought.. it not only had a tree,

but it had like 30+ extra branches. I grouped the branches

in lots of 5 and sold them for 34.99 each set.

This is a really good representation of the tree. I purchased it really cheap in the summer. I

held onto it until after Thanksgiving and made a nice chunk of change on it. Sometimes it's good

to wait to sell stuff!