WordCamp KC Day One..

#2 and I headed up to JCCC (Johnson County Community College) for DAY UNO of WordCamp KC.

wordcamp KC

#2 Drinking his frappachino

wordcamp kc

Welcome message

wordcamp kc

Hello Donut..

Did you know that eating a donut at WordCamp has -0- carbs and calories?

#2 networking…

wordcamp kc

And again…


These people look cool sitting outside and enjoying the day.. networking and eating. This violates all my rules.

  1. I don't eat outside
  2. I don't sit on the ground outside.
  3. See rule #1

I sat in this room most of the day. You know what impressed me? That little "pop up" plug in on the desk. I would love to have some of those in the school room.

wordcamp kc

After it was over we all headed over to the Marriott Bar for a tweet up.

Guess who's not old enough to go to a bar?

So I took him to get a shake.

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