Pinterest Photo Challenge Day 17: Time

Today's Pinterest photo challenge is a picture of TIME.  I was thinking I would take a photo of my favorite clock in the house.. and realized I hadn't hung it up like I thought I had…(it needs a new battery).  Then I thought I could take a photo of time in my house,  but I was in my car most of the day…..

pinterst time, photo challenge

So I took a photo of time on my car stereo.  That little "badge" thing is from last years WordCamp (WordPress conference) and it hangs on my mirror.  Not the exciting photo(s) I had planned.

Antique German Carved Wood Monkey Clock

Check out this really cool time keeper: HERE  Sold for $9950.00

WordCamp KC Day One..

#2 and I headed up to JCCC (Johnson County Community College) for DAY UNO of WordCamp KC.

wordcamp KC

#2 Drinking his frappachino

wordcamp kc

Welcome message

wordcamp kc

Hello Donut..

Did you know that eating a donut at WordCamp has -0- carbs and calories?

#2 networking…

wordcamp kc

And again…


These people look cool sitting outside and enjoying the day.. networking and eating. This violates all my rules.

  1. I don't eat outside
  2. I don't sit on the ground outside.
  3. See rule #1

I sat in this room most of the day. You know what impressed me? That little "pop up" plug in on the desk. I would love to have some of those in the school room.

wordcamp kc

After it was over we all headed over to the Marriott Bar for a tweet up.

Guess who's not old enough to go to a bar?

So I took him to get a shake.

Want to know more about WordCamp? Check it out HERE.

Tuesday’s To-Do List

This weekend I was not very productive when it comes to my “to do list”… I worked a little here.. and there.. but didn’t get everything done that I needed to.

peonys, red, white peonysSome peony’s from my garden…

Tuesday’s To-Do List

1.  Write up a few things.

2. update blogs

3. Clean Basement

4. Sew Sequins ** But first I have to go buy more beads..

5. Write up church eBay stuff.

6. Dinner= Silver Dollar City Special.. aka Sausage and potatoes

7. check on photos.. (I’m moving my hosting)

8. Make WordPress Template for eBay Customer

9. Work on confirmation curriculum

10. Send out YG plans for June

11. Send article in

12. Take #2 to rehearsal

13. Write up VBS needs

14. Write up YG stuff

I love WordPress..except when…

WordPress and I we love each other… Well I guess I should speak for myself. I love WordPress, I'm not sure it loves me. Several times this week I have written cute.. funny.. blogs (if I do say so myself), and WordPress has not published them when I hit publish. It acted like it did it.. but well it didn't.

I had the cutest blog, that I will try to replicate some day.. and hopefully it won't be deleted.. 🙂