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AMC Theater Best Picture Showcase

I know I’ve said it before, but I love going to the movies.  I’ve always wanted to sit and watch the Oscars, having seen the movies that they were talking about.  This year when AMC Theaters advertised their Best Picture Showcase, I bought tickets.


#1 and I went to the Two Day event.  We saw 4 movies on the 18th and 5 movies on the 25th.


Here’s is my movie rankings… (because you were dying to know what *I* thought about the Oscar movies)

9. Manchester by the Sea.  I’m going to rent this one and re-watch it.  I liked it, but it was a bit depressing.  I keep thinking I missed something.

8.  Moonlight. Good movie. Controversial subjects. Beautiful cinematography.

7. La La Land. This movie was bright, colorful and reminded me of an old time Hollywood musical.

6. Fences. I really liked this one. I disliked the main character something fierce.. but the acting was fantastic.

5. Arrival. This movie was good.  #1 and I probably talked about this movie more than any other.  Mostly because we disagreed on interpretation.

4. Hacksaw Ridge. This was a great story, a little too much gore for me.

3. Hidden Figures. I loved this movie.

2. Hell or High Water. This was probably my favorite movie.  Jeff Bridges was great.  I didn’t think I was going to like it, because I’m not crazy about westerns.

1. Lion. I loved this movie.  It made me cry and made me think. I wanted to go rescue every child without a home in India.


Thursdays To Do


Thursdays To Do

  • School
  • eBay Consulting
  • Take #3 and 3.5 to dance
  • Plan meals for the weekend
  • Dinner= something out
  • Run errands

Wednesdays to Do

Wednesdays to do

  • School
  • Go out sourcing in Phoenix
  • Write article
  • Dinner out with #2
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