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Mondays To Do

It’s a new week, how are you going make the best of it?

Mondays To Do.

  • School
  • Consulting work
  • Call Post Office (again)
  • Call to figure out when my dentist appt is this week.
  • Make grocery list for this week
  • Laundry
  • Help Frau with SSN and Art classes
  • Work on eBay Stuff
  • Figure out white back ground
  • Call Mike
  • Transfer PP $
  • Dinner= Raviolis and Bruchetta

Wednesday’s To Do

True story.

  • Summer School
  • Consulting
  • Laundry
  • Set up the girls for the Fair
  • Get list together for eBay Open
  • Write article
  • Dinner= Something out
  • Grocery Store

Tuesday’s To Do

  • Summer School
  • Work on eBay Junk
  • Call the Dentist
  • Take #1 to the dr
  • Take #3 and 3.5 to Dance and Art
  • Renew Drivers License
  • Check and Double Check set up for the fair
  • Call the Post Office try to work out an agreement for my mail pick up OR
  • Call UPS
  • Dinner= Lasagna, salad and homemade bread

Monday’s To Do

  • Summer School
  • Consulting #2: Send hours in
  • Consulting #1: Move office stuff
  • A/C guy is coming 🙂
  • Find the prices for Mike
  • Plan meals for next week (while I’m at eBay Open)
  • Dinner= Pot Stickers and Fried Rice
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