Are Hat’s Cool? Should I wear one?

Last night I saw a strange site while running my children around Ottawa.. of course I didn’t have my camera ready.. and I was well, driving.

There was a woman walking out of the Franklin County Courthouse and she

had on the most fabulous hat.

(note.. this is a photo I took in the spring. I REALLY didn’t have my camera)

The mysterous hat woman of Franklin County Kansas started me thinking about wearing hats. I’m not really a hat wearer.. but if I was.. I would buy these.

1. This is a 1940’s Cocoa Straw Tilt Hat. I love the color.. the tilt-iness of it. (Is tilt-iness a word?) Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Cocoa Hat

2. Who doesn’t love a pink hat? I think it’s so cute! Antique 1910 Cloche Hat.

3. 1940’s Wide Brim Hat.. This one just might be my favorite. Huge Picture Hat

4. AAAHHH! I love this one.. I love the colors.. Flapper Hat with Beads

5. I wish this hat was on a head.. so we both could see how FABULOUS it really is. Vintage Pink Feather Hat