No Babies Were Harmed in the Making of this Blog

You may not know this.. but even babies have jobs in our house.

When I teach my eBay class I usually say something like that.. "I don't hire any employees, I give birth to them."

This little butter bean is a hat model for #1's Etsy business.

He doesn't mind it so much…

Except when she bop's him in the head.

(no babies were harmed in the writing of this blog)

Do you want to check out #1's handiwork? Go HERE

Are Hat’s Cool? Should I wear one?

Last night I saw a strange site while running my children around Ottawa.. of course I didn’t have my camera ready.. and I was well, driving.

There was a woman walking out of the Franklin County Courthouse and she

had on the most fabulous hat.

(note.. this is a photo I took in the spring. I REALLY didn’t have my camera)

The mysterous hat woman of Franklin County Kansas started me thinking about wearing hats. I’m not really a hat wearer.. but if I was.. I would buy these.

1. This is a 1940’s Cocoa Straw Tilt Hat. I love the color.. the tilt-iness of it. (Is tilt-iness a word?) Here’s the link if you want to check it out: Cocoa Hat

2. Who doesn’t love a pink hat? I think it’s so cute! Antique 1910 Cloche Hat.

3. 1940’s Wide Brim Hat.. This one just might be my favorite. Huge Picture Hat

4. AAAHHH! I love this one.. I love the colors.. Flapper Hat with Beads

5. I wish this hat was on a head.. so we both could see how FABULOUS it really is. Vintage Pink Feather Hat