Listening:  I am listening to my kids crunch on nachos (they are snacking in the school room) and fighting over a "Messy Work" stamp.  No one likes getting a "messy work" their spelling words.


Loving: Surprise Sales.  I woke up this morning to 3!  That makes a girl happy. 🙂


Thinking: Christmas decorations, people (including myself) that forget our greatest commandment (Matthew 26:36-40), writing my article, tomorrows meetings (I have three),  Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas Family pictures, #2's birthday…, women who gossip about other women just to make themselves look/feel better, Mission Trip fund raisers, church budgets (I need to turn mine in), dinner.. because I'm not having pizza.

Wanting: My holiday decorations to be up… without any mess 🙂


Needing: A visit to the chiropractor.. and someone to clean out my purse..and organize it.


Stalking: I am currently trying to find the best Bible Study for our girls youth small group. Do you know of any?