Listening:   My children are all busy doing school stuff.  Currently they are kind of quiet.  #6 is running around in the new shoes I bought him say; "I wanna go outsidddeeee! Peeese Mommy?"

Loving: That #6 is an EXCELLENT communicator.  He is ALWAYS talking, ALWAYS learning. It makes my heart smile.

 Thinking:  I have entirely TOO MUCH stuff to write down/correct before the first of September.  I'm reading this super cool book on confirmation… and I want to change some of the curriculum I wrote for confirmation to include the stuff I just read.  I also have the after school program curriculum to finish, a sermon to write for September 29th, and PowerPoints to finish for September's Youth Group.

Wanting: To go to Longhorn with the man.

Needing:  To plan my meals for this weekend and the upcoming week.  Figure out what kind of cake #3 wants for her birthday Tuesday and what kind #3.5 wants for her birthday Wednesday.

Stalking: I'm embarrassed to say it, but Candy Crush Saga level 144… don't think less of me 😉


Listening:  To Criminal Minds… it's an Ion TV marathon.

 Loving: My husband.  That sounds like a DUH statement… but today I wish he was home and not working…

 Thinking: About the meeting I am going to on Thursday. #3.5's biological mother has requested a meeting.  I'm not sure what to say except it's a little to late to do the "right thing" now.

Wanting: To get my e-commerce store updated to reflect my new inventory.

Needing: To get my nails done… and my toes painted… and maybe a hair cut.  In general this mom needs an overhaul.

Stalking: Rascal Flatts on Twitter  They have the hashtag #ChangedForTheBetter.. and a song Changed.  This morning they tweeted: "Tweet us how you've been & you could win a free CHANGED CD!" I love reading how everyone has changed and what changed them.  (oh.. and they RE-Tweeted ME!)






Listening:  I am listening to my kids laughing at America's Funniest Home Videos. It's funny to watch this show.. but even funnier to watch my children watch the show.

 Loving: My Christmas decorations.  They make me so happy.  I also love that Thanksgiving plans fit together perfectly.  We ate lunch with my family on Wednesday, Dinner with The Man's parents on Thursday and Dinner with the Man's family on Friday. 

 Thinking: About my stalking trial tomorrow. I am hoping and praying it will finally be over and this turd sandwich that looks like Charles Manson will go away.

Wanting: To work on my new needlepoint.. but I don't have all the fibers. I would also like the camera I snagged on to arrive. 🙂  I hope it is perfectly wonderful.

Needing: Absolutely nothing.. but maybe some new fibers for my needlepoint.

Stalking: Some elusive Puma Ballerina Flats in a size 6.. that are reasonably priced.



Listening:  I am listening to my kids crunch on nachos (they are snacking in the school room) and fighting over a "Messy Work" stamp.  No one likes getting a "messy work" their spelling words.


Loving: Surprise Sales.  I woke up this morning to 3!  That makes a girl happy. 🙂


Thinking: Christmas decorations, people (including myself) that forget our greatest commandment (Matthew 26:36-40), writing my article, tomorrows meetings (I have three),  Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas Family pictures, #2's birthday…, women who gossip about other women just to make themselves look/feel better, Mission Trip fund raisers, church budgets (I need to turn mine in), dinner.. because I'm not having pizza.

Wanting: My holiday decorations to be up… without any mess 🙂


Needing: A visit to the chiropractor.. and someone to clean out my purse..and organize it.


Stalking: I am currently trying to find the best Bible Study for our girls youth small group. Do you know of any?