Listening:  My children are talking about how they would spend the lottery money if we won…but you have to play to win… :/

 Loving: It's MAY and school is almost over. We will be doing reading and math will #4 and #5 all summer. It's kind of a bitter sweet because this is going to be #2's last year homeschooling.  He'll still be a senior next year… and taking mostly college classes. This is a GREAT thing.. but makes me a little sad.

 Thinking: This coming Sunday is graduation at the local high school which also means it's Graduation Sunday at our church. (Why they do it on Mother's Day.. I have no idea) Since I'm the youth leader at my church I get the honor of celebrating the Seniors at my church. We honor them by parading them in front of the church 🙂 and then having a lunch after church before graduation.. so their parents don't have to worry about cooking a meal between church and graduation.

Wanting: To take a nap.

Needing: To get my lists done for everything I need to do this coming weekend.. I need a grocery list, miscellaneous list of stuff to purchase or bring to church.

Stalking: The Adopt Shoppe on Facebook.  I love love love her stuff!


Listening:  To Criminal Minds… it's an Ion TV marathon.

 Loving: My husband.  That sounds like a DUH statement… but today I wish he was home and not working…

 Thinking: About the meeting I am going to on Thursday. #3.5's biological mother has requested a meeting.  I'm not sure what to say except it's a little to late to do the "right thing" now.

Wanting: To get my e-commerce store updated to reflect my new inventory.

Needing: To get my nails done… and my toes painted… and maybe a hair cut.  In general this mom needs an overhaul.

Stalking: Rascal Flatts on Twitter  They have the hashtag #ChangedForTheBetter.. and a song Changed.  This morning they tweeted: "Tweet us how you've been & you could win a free CHANGED CD!" I love reading how everyone has changed and what changed them.  (oh.. and they RE-Tweeted ME!)



Listening:  I am listening to my kids crunch on nachos (they are snacking in the school room) and fighting over a "Messy Work" stamp.  No one likes getting a "messy work" their spelling words.


Loving: Surprise Sales.  I woke up this morning to 3!  That makes a girl happy. 🙂


Thinking: Christmas decorations, people (including myself) that forget our greatest commandment (Matthew 26:36-40), writing my article, tomorrows meetings (I have three),  Thanksgiving Vacation, Christmas Family pictures, #2's birthday…, women who gossip about other women just to make themselves look/feel better, Mission Trip fund raisers, church budgets (I need to turn mine in), dinner.. because I'm not having pizza.

Wanting: My holiday decorations to be up… without any mess 🙂


Needing: A visit to the chiropractor.. and someone to clean out my purse..and organize it.


Stalking: I am currently trying to find the best Bible Study for our girls youth small group. Do you know of any?

You have a WHAT? The One about The Stalker

I've had a couple of people send me messages and ask about my stalker.  I wasn't sure what I could tell you about him.. but this is what I feel most comfortable saying.



You may not know I have a stalker, not in the classic I'm standing outside of your window stalker.. but more in the line of I'm going to go through all your photos on Facebook, read your blog, then comment about what kind of a person I think you are, have my ex baby mama come to where you are eating lunch and have her stare at you while she walks by the table a couple of times… not to mention my personal favorite.. having some woman scream at you in Wal-Mart because you kidnap children.  (yes that's what she said)

Normally that wouldn't bother me, but this guy has 22 different criminal cases against him in the last 15 years.  His most recent case he beat a woman in his front yard, sat on her chest and choked her.. while his children watched.  He's a really great guy..  :/  

I went to court for a restraining order; when the judge asked if I wanted to go to trial, I offer this person a way out… I said: I don't want to go to trial, I would just like Mr __________ to leave me and  this minor child alone.  I have never spoken to this man in person and I would like to drop this if he agrees to leave us alone.  There was a large pause in my statement, thinking he would agree with it.  He said; I'm ready for trial your honor.  


If you pray, I would appreciate your prayers.  If you believe in the power of positive thinking.. I would take that too!