A Tale of Two Purses; Do Pictures, Price & Shipping Matter

I’ve talked about my love for Cole Haan totes on here before.  As  reward for a 1000 new feedback I will buy myself a new tote.

I found 2 purses on eBay that I wanted.  One of them was listed as metallic, and the other as black, but had a picture of a tan purse.  I did not think that I would win either of them, because this style of  used Cole Haan usually NEVER sells for under 75-100.00.


I won them both; one for $55.00 and the other for $18.00.  I paid for both, believing that I was receiving a metallic copper colored tote and a tan tote (both in the same style).  Which I love.

wpid-20150915_102132.jpgI received the “metallic” purse yesterday and the “tan” purse today.  Unfortunately they are the same color and style.  Which got me thinking – Why did one sell for $18 and the other for $55?

chpurse3Here’s the listing for the $55.00 metallic purse.

The seller of this purse has a couple of sentences for the description, and 5 photographs.  The measurements are close, but not quite accurate.  Her photos are clear and show the color of the purse on a white and black background for contrast.  She states this purse is from the late 90’s, (its not) and that’s ok. Shipping was $11.95. Seller has 24 feedback @ 100%.  Item ended September 8th at 8:00pm

chpurse2Here’s the listing for the $18.00 purse.

This has 6 photographs of a purse that looks like a light tan but the item specifics says black. Measurements are off, and there is only ONE sentence about the purse in the description.  The photographs are taken on what looks like an aqua background and  white background.  The seller calls this purse vintage, but it’s not.  Shipping was $12.20.  The seller has 271 feedback and is at 100%.  The item ended on September 9th at 8:24am.

Here are a couple of things I wonder:

  1. Do you think the $1.25 shipping cost difference between the 2 purses made  a difference in people bidding?
  2. Was the lack of description a factor?
  3. Do you think the poor photos of the $18.00 purse, combined with the inaccurate item specifics made it so no one bid on that one?
  4. Do you think ending time was a factor?

You might be wondering what I am going to do with my twin purses… Some would return one.  I hate returns. I think it puts fear in the heart of  seller.. because it does me…  I am going to re-sell mine on eBay.

So I Finally Cleaned Out My Purse…

what's in your purse, I love my purse, purses, cole haan

This is my black Cole Haan shopper tote. I bought this on eBay for $42.85  It was my 15,000 feedback purse.  Before I cleaned it out, it weighed 9lbs 6 ounces.  Here's what was in it.

Here's a view from the inside top.  See that pink planner behind it?  It was in there too.

Contents dumped on the table.

  • planner
  • wallet
  • mismatched Old Navy gloves
  • checkbook that was out of place
  • trash
  • gum, mints
  • reading glasses
  • sunglasses
  • lip gloss
  • change
  • Splenda packages
  • a couple of pens
  • lots of receipts

Here's all the trash I took out of it.  (yes that's a laundry basket with trash in it)

Some of the more stranger things in my purse…

  • A guest check that was really a receipt from an estate sale I went to.
  • Some Kohl's Cash that I never used. (Fail)
  • My birthday card from my mother and father in law.. (my birthday is in July)
  • Grocery list (one of three or four)
  • An autograph sticker by the band "The Museum"
  • an old water bill.
  • 2 McDonald's Monopoly stickers
  • Ottawa University game schedule

My Sweet #6's footprints from the day he was born.  The hospital did this and it hung on the wall in the NICU until he left to go home with us.  It was the last thing I took down in his room at the hospital.

panda express, fortune cookie

One of 5 fortune cookie fortunes I found.  This one was from Panda Express. I try and try to be the FourSquare Mayor of that place… and I just can't get the job done. :/

grocery list, lists from my purse

I'm a list maker.. (but you knew that)  Here are a few of the lists I found in the bottom of my purse.

Gift cards and reward cards. 

Girl Scout Cookie receipts, and 3 Redbox's that need to be returned.  OOOh and my favorite hot pink FLAIR pen.

Door handle from the school room cabinet.  I've had this in my purse since August…



This was the best thing I found in my purse.  Given to me by a person in my youth group.

"I would like to thank you for always being there for me and helping me through the hardships that  (name) gave me.  Also I want to thank you for always bringing me in when I had no where else to go and picking me up when I was down and giving me love when I need (it) most and giving me respect when I didn't deserve it.  Most of all being my close friends and treating me like I was a part of your family.  So I just want to say God Bless You."

You never know what's going to be in my purse.. but that note was the best.