Happy Birthday to The Man…


    Happy Birthday Billy!
It’s The Man’s birthday..  today’s blog is going to be about him with a little eBay thrown in.  I don’t know how I got lucky and managed to catch him.  For some reason he thinks all my bad qualities are "a piece of cake".  He’s a great husband, father, provider and friend. I am really blessed that he loves me and is SO patient with me.

When I first started selling stuff on eBay in 1998, I didn’t want to tell anyone about it; partially because I didn’t know if I could do it or not.  I loved going to this auction http://www.strickersauction.com

One night I bought a 48" Jenn-air stove top there for  $50.00.  It was brand new, but out of the box.  I bought it to put in our new home (The house that eBay built).  I realized after taking it home, that the HUGE pans I have would  not fit on the burner moduals.  I told The Man I would sell it on eBay… his response? "Who would buy that? and Buy smaller pans!" 

It looked a little like this, but without the grill.. all "smooth" top and electric

His response depressed me a little, but it didn’t deter me from my goal. I put the stove on eBay at auction for 100.00 with a 650.00 Buy it Now.  I realize these sell for more in the store, but I didn’t want to be greedy, and I thought if I could turn it over quickly and make some money I’d be happy.  The Man and I left to go eat dinner with http://stores.ebay.com/btdownhome (she and I are good friends) While at her house I checked on my listing.. and it had sold withint 5 hours of me puting it on! 

I did the happy dance and the I told-you-so-shuffle, all around The Man.  He was pretty happy about the price too.. but being The Man, he just smiled. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite husband and the best father I know…