Happy Birthday to The Man..

It's Optimus Dad..

Today is The Man's birthday. To celebrate him I thought I would put up a few of my favorite photos of him.

#4 and #5 participating in the pinning of the head of the household.. a festivus tradition..

Caption on this picture is… "Woman PLEASE!"

This is #2.. and his SUPER LONG tongue. I was trying to take a photo of his dad.. and he kept sticking his tongue out in front of my camera lens. See his dad?.. He thinks that's funny.

The Man and #1

That's a lot of people…

The Man, sexy husband, love of my life


He is showing us "how it's done" on the trampoline.

Dad and his Pookie (#3)

#5 and his Dad

Snuggling with #6

Father Daughter Dance 2009


My Favorite!

Happy Birthday! I love you!

The Man… He Can Fix Anything..

I’ve been married almost 5000 days to this guy…

I know what you are saying.. who counts the days.. right? Well on Facebook there is some

“Wedding App” that will tell how many days until your wedding and then after

that how many days you’ve been married.Ā  This is why it seems I am “counting ” the days šŸ™‚

He’s fixing something here…I’m not sure what…

He can fix really anything as long as it plugs in.

(I like to say he can fix anything as long as it’s not mine šŸ˜‰

I wasn’t really sure about him when I met him.

My mother would say; “It would be so nice to have someone like

that around who knows how to fix something”; and “He’s so nice and

he can work on your broken dryer”!Ā  Except I didn’t have a broken dryer.

I guess he worked on my heart.. because IĀ  love him so much..

He’s fixed my dryer a few time since then too. šŸ™‚

Happy Birthday to The Man…


    Happy Birthday Billy!
It’s The Man’s birthday..  today’s blog is going to be about him with a little eBay thrown in.  I don’t know how I got lucky and managed to catch him.  For some reason he thinks all my bad qualities are "a piece of cake".  He’s a great husband, father, provider and friend. I am really blessed that he loves me and is SO patient with me.

When I first started selling stuff on eBay in 1998, I didn’t want to tell anyone about it; partially because I didn’t know if I could do it or not.  I loved going to this auction http://www.strickersauction.com

One night I bought a 48" Jenn-air stove top there for  $50.00.  It was brand new, but out of the box.  I bought it to put in our new home (The house that eBay built).  I realized after taking it home, that the HUGE pans I have would  not fit on the burner moduals.  I told The Man I would sell it on eBay… his response? "Who would buy that? and Buy smaller pans!" 

It looked a little like this, but without the grill.. all "smooth" top and electric

His response depressed me a little, but it didn’t deter me from my goal. I put the stove on eBay at auction for 100.00 with a 650.00 Buy it Now.  I realize these sell for more in the store, but I didn’t want to be greedy, and I thought if I could turn it over quickly and make some money I’d be happy.  The Man and I left to go eat dinner with http://stores.ebay.com/btdownhome (she and I are good friends) While at her house I checked on my listing.. and it had sold withint 5 hours of me puting it on! 

I did the happy dance and the I told-you-so-shuffle, all around The Man.  He was pretty happy about the price too.. but being The Man, he just smiled. 

Happy Birthday to my favorite husband and the best father I know…