Saturday I went to a auction at the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn. They had lots of great stuff there. Unfortunately they had lots of people willing to pay LOTS of money for it. I really liked these lamps.

Depression Glass…

This blue set sold for $650.00

Round Oak Stove..

See that lampshade? It was attached to a pretty cool lamp. I think it sold for

about $200.00

Germany Glasses… and decanter

I REALLY REALLY wanted this Smiley Pig cookie jar. I was the high bidder.. until someone else said they were the high bidder. It went for $50.00. Which is more than I wanted to pay for a cookie jar for myself.

Rogers 1881 Silver…

Hull Pottery. They sold this by the piece. It averaged about 40-65 a piece.

Miscellaneous Stuff.


I had to leave early to take the Youth Group to a concert… but this was probably one of the best auctions** I've been to in a while..

**when it comes to "stuff" not price.