Saturday’s Auction Finds..

I went to Eastern Kansas Auction Barn on Saturday.. to see what they had. I thought it would be a pretty good auction, because they had some good stuff and only a handful of people… But I was wrong.

Stuff sold pretty high… there were about 4 buyer there that would pay almost any amount for ANYTHING.

That's a big cup!

Cute pink plates.

Old Sailboat nesting mixing bowls..

I'm diggin' Barry's hair..

Little glass animals..

How about a Fiesta gravy boat?

My best find.. two of these pig bowls

Stuff I bought.. looks like a lot.. but it's not.

Saturday I went to a auction at the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn. They had lots of great stuff there. Unfortunately they had lots of people willing to pay LOTS of money for it. I really liked these lamps.

Depression Glass…

This blue set sold for $650.00

Round Oak Stove..

See that lampshade? It was attached to a pretty cool lamp. I think it sold for

about $200.00

Germany Glasses… and decanter

I REALLY REALLY wanted this Smiley Pig cookie jar. I was the high bidder.. until someone else said they were the high bidder. It went for $50.00. Which is more than I wanted to pay for a cookie jar for myself.

Rogers 1881 Silver…

Hull Pottery. They sold this by the piece. It averaged about 40-65 a piece.

Miscellaneous Stuff.


I had to leave early to take the Youth Group to a concert… but this was probably one of the best auctions** I've been to in a while..

**when it comes to "stuff" not price.

Saturday’s Auction Finds…

eastern kansas auction barn

Saturday I headed to the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn for a good and FAST auction. They had some interesting things….

There were lots of dolls. I did buy quite a few EVEN though I swore I would never sell another doll again. Doll buyers are quite unusual.. and I never seem to know exactly what they want described.

I didn't get any photos.. of the stuff… but I purchased a LOT of homeschool curriculum. I think a teacher dropped off every bit of teaching stuff she had.. I bought it. (whoo hoo)

They had a pretty good crowd.

I really wanted these lockers… sold for 12.50. The man would not have been happy if I bought them..

I wanted this trunk.. there was some pretty cool stuff in it.. and the trunk would have been nice to have.. I missed the sale on it.. and it (along with the contents) sold for 2.00!

You can't tell by this picture.. but this owl was HUGE.. like 30" tall huge. If he didn't have the chip on the ear.. I just might have tried for him.


I left with 1 1/2 car loads of stuff… I totally failed and didn't take pictures of all the stuff I got… 🙁