Something That Sells on eBay: Walking Dead Dog Tags

I first heard about The Walking Dead from my friend Tammy. She absolutely loves the show. We started watching, and we like it too… my only problem, there never seems to be a good time to watch it with small children in the house. 🙁  Tammy called me one day and told me about these tags… You can buy them at Target, or Wal-mart for around $3.00 .  Here's some the highest ending dog tags.


FIRST SERIES DOG TAG WALKING DEAD COSTUME/RELIC C8 "SOPHIA" [RARE] LIMITED HOBBY SOLD 699.00 by eBay Seller great_lakes_collectibles  Check it out HERE


First Series Dog Tag Walking Dead Costume/Relic C2 Andrea SOLD $249.99 Check it out HERE


First Series Dog Tag Walking Dead Costume Relic T Dog Rare AMC Limited SOLD 229.99 Check it out HERE


First Series Dog Tag Walking Dead Costume/Relic C10 Lori Grimes Limited Hobby SOLD $218.99 Check it out HERE

Something to Sell on eBay Mountain Dew Collectibles

Mint Mountain Dew Soda Cola Hillbilly Bottle Jug Country Store Tin Sign NOS SOLD $1,132.77 by eBay Seller sodapopcollector check it out HERE 


Light Up Huge 40” Mountain Dew Cola Soad Hillbilly Advertising Clock Sold $1000.  By eBay Seller kennybrooks.  Check it out HERE 


Rare Vintage 1964 Mountain Dew Bottle No Name, Numbered Very Nice Condition.  Sold 565.75 by eBay Seller stonemountaindew Check it out HERE 


Vintage Antique Soda Advertising Mountain Dew Hillbilly Sign.  Sold $361.56 By eBay Seller Seamusnharry Check it out HERE 


Mountain Dew RED Very Rare Glass Bottle SOLD $220.00 by eBay Seller hillbillydavis  Check it out HERE 


Saturday I went to a auction at the Eastern Kansas Auction Barn. They had lots of great stuff there. Unfortunately they had lots of people willing to pay LOTS of money for it. I really liked these lamps.

Depression Glass…

This blue set sold for $650.00

Round Oak Stove..

See that lampshade? It was attached to a pretty cool lamp. I think it sold for

about $200.00

Germany Glasses… and decanter

I REALLY REALLY wanted this Smiley Pig cookie jar. I was the high bidder.. until someone else said they were the high bidder. It went for $50.00. Which is more than I wanted to pay for a cookie jar for myself.

Rogers 1881 Silver…

Hull Pottery. They sold this by the piece. It averaged about 40-65 a piece.

Miscellaneous Stuff.


I had to leave early to take the Youth Group to a concert… but this was probably one of the best auctions** I've been to in a while..

**when it comes to "stuff" not price.

Starbucks Collectibles.. How much Would you Pay for $500.00 Gift Card?

How much do you think this gift card is worth? Would you guess $300.00? How about $500.00? Check it out HERE. If you are interested in collecting Starbucks cards.. go HERE.

Apparently this card is SUPER Rare.. one of only 6 given out at Crossword Challenge.. It sold on eBay for $10277.00. Makes me wish I took up Crossword puzzles 😉

Here's some background info on the card:

Limited Edition

This is the "Crossword" Card, a MEGA-RARE and truly a unique Starbucks Card. The highest price ever paid for any Starbucks Card to date happened on January 27th, 2011 and sold for a record $10,277.00.

This Card was given away to the winners of the "Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge" only." The first puzzle of The Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge appeared Sunday, February 19, in Starbucks in-store copies of The New York Times, and continued for six consecutive Sundays through March 26. Here's how it worked.

"Will Shortz – editor of The New York Times crossword puzzle and host of the American Crossword Puzzle Tournament — has created six weeks of crossword puzzles that will be available only in The New York Times newspapers sold at Starbucks locations nationwide."

That will be six special Sunday crosswords.

"Each crossword created for Starbucks is linked to coffeehouse experiences, featuring artists, musicians, painters, and others whose works were inspired at the coffeehouse of their time. The puzzles range from easy to moderate, with each week presenting a new thematic test of wit and wisdom, and a unique way to shake up your weekend crossword ritual with Starbucks."

"To win coffee for life, you must complete (and save) the puzzles each week. After the final puzzle, log onto to complete a virtual scavenger hunt, in which the answers are found in each week's puzzle. Once the clues are all answered online, a telephone number will appear, and the first correct respondent to the final question will win Starbucks coffee for life."

So it would seem that speed is of the essence for the final puzzle on March 26.

Winners received a letter much like the one below from Starbucks.

Congratulations! You were among an elite group of participants who successfully completed the Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge earlier this month. As one of the first five callers with the correct answer, we'd like to offer you a Starbucks Card loaded with $500!

This isn't just any Starbucks card either. This card was especially created for the Grand Prize and First Prize winners of the Challenge. It is one of only six cards with this special Ultimate Coffeehouse Crossword Challenge Design. Use this card to enjoy some of your favorite Starbucks treats on us, or perhaps even invest in some new brewing equipment of your own.

We sincerely appreciate your participation in the Challenge. We hope you found the puzzles to be both challenging and fun. Whether you solved them on your own, or as part of a team, we hope this contest encouraged you to connect with others and share your experience.

The Card was issued without a Matching Sleeve.