How I know it’s Spring in Kansas

Do you know how I know it's spring in Kansas?

BABY COWS! How cute is this? A little chocolate cow!

I should let you know that even though I live on 40 acres, I don't have any farm animals. I am truly a city girl, and I am still amazed at the baby cows.

These cows would be my neighbors.. and they live in the field next to mine.  So sometimes the kids and I like to go check them out. To me it looks like the brown momma cow is saying "What are you looking at?".


I think she's saying "your kids look pretty goofy to me".


This is one brave baby cow.. it was only about 5 feet from me.

This momma cow was fine.. until she figured out I was around..


I think I freaked this cow out.. For all I've done towards being a bad mother.. I've never done this… (kinda gross but funny huh?)