As you are reading this I'll be at the homeschool convention. If you've never been to one… you don't know what you are missing. There are tons of people… looking for the perfect book… and these people..

There are plenty-o-mothers in these bad boys. The denim jumper USE TO BE the staple in every homeschool mothers wardrobe.. then this Homeschooling mom came along…

This homeschooling mother.. not only looks good but she intimidates this mother..

(yes.. I know this is Eva Longoria, but she's just here for an example) All of these homeschooling mothers freak this mother out..

I use to go to these conventions with a bunch of other moms that were normal.. and then their children all grew up and graduated. So… now I'm left alone to fend for myself and try not to be intimidated by all the bread baking, 2 year old's already reading, nursing until their kids are 12, homeschooling mothers… that intimidate and freak me out. 🙂 Because well.. my kids aren't doing any reading when they are 2.. nursing until they are 12 .. and I don't bake my own bread… wish me luck..

Just in case you were wondering I'll be taking photos to share with you… They don't scare me that bad 😉

How I know it’s Spring in Kansas

Do you know how I know it's spring in Kansas?

BABY COWS! How cute is this? A little chocolate cow!

I should let you know that even though I live on 40 acres, I don't have any farm animals. I am truly a city girl, and I am still amazed at the baby cows.

These cows would be my neighbors.. and they live in the field next to mine.  So sometimes the kids and I like to go check them out. To me it looks like the brown momma cow is saying "What are you looking at?".


I think she's saying "your kids look pretty goofy to me".


This is one brave baby cow.. it was only about 5 feet from me.

This momma cow was fine.. until she figured out I was around..


I think I freaked this cow out.. For all I've done towards being a bad mother.. I've never done this… (kinda gross but funny huh?)