Our church is a new.. only a couple of years old.  We formed and didn’t have a building.  We bought an old school building, and have been renovating it.  This will be our fellowship hall… but for the next couple of days.. it will be home to The Rummage Sale.  If you live in the Ottawa, Kansas area.. stop by and see us Friday 12:00 to 5:00 or Saturday 9-2.  501 South Popular.

Setting up the sale..

rummage sale, Grace Community Fellowship, ottawa kansas

We had so MANY CLOTHES.. it was hard to find places to hang

them up!

This room is almost done.

Books, suitcases, headboards..

Anyone need a TV or Computer?

How about a roll top desk..

Exercise Equipment?  Maybe Presbyterians don’t exercise?


More clothes…

Charity Auctions.. Spending Money for a Good Cause..

My church is hosting a few charity auctions on eBay.  I thought I would share with you a few of the cool things we have listed.  If you want to see a complete list go HERE.

Bronze Indian Chief Bookends  Check them out HERE

How about a set of Vintage Samsonite Luggage?  Check it out HERE.

Do you need a new lens for your camera?  We have this

Vivitar Series 1 Camera Lens.  Check it out HERE.

I love this small Stella copper espresso pot.. I especially love the bottom:

Check it out HERE.

Do you like Squirrels?  Check out this vintage Cookie Jar .. HERE

Kick Ball anyone?

Part of my team.. Suzie’s Sprockets..

Our church’s Parent Adult Advisory Council (PAAC) or to some the Youth Advisor Council… (YAC) got together and thought it would be great to have an intergenerational Kick Ball Game.  The game was between Jessie’s Jammin’ Juleps and Suzie’s Sprockets.

Here’s The Man… kicking the ball.. I sure hope he doesn’t break a hip!

#1 Running to first base.