Estate Sale Finds on a Thursday.

a small sign that makes my heart beat faster

I read about this sale in Tuesday’s paper, it didn’t really excite me.  WHY? well.. Ottawa Kansas is not known for their FABULOUS estate sales.  Every sale I’ve ever been to that was called an estate sale here in Ottawa has always been a garage sale, with ok stuff.  Never a true estate sale, where you get to walk through the house.  Imagine my surprise when I pulled up to this house and nothing was on the lawn!

I couldn’t help but take some photos of the beautiful garden in the backyard

#2 & 4 peeking out a window in the office

Some of you might say.. WHY would she take those kids to an estate sale with her?  I can’t help it, not only do they beg to go, they have been trained SO WELL.  Even #4 looks for important stuff to sell, and loves to take pieces to the cashier to set in our pile.  #2 likes to hondle the price down on items. Each one of my children like to be a part of this business we call eBay.

Super cool overlook into the Living Room. I wasn’t brave enough to walk on it.

My loot. See that Christmas topiary? It’s MINE.. all MINE and only 2.00 I have a small

Christmas problem. We won’t discuss that now.

Some uncut 1970’s patterns and PRISTINE cotton Baby Clothes, buttons in a box, red velvet (for me).

PERFECT Fitz & Floyd 8 Santa Mugs and pitcher

Super cool vintage tiles, jewelry, and model

How cool is this sequin beaded beret hat?

A stash of Needlepoints (I collect those)

See that Crayola Box? It is FULL of crayons… and original sharpener.