Peckham’s Pumpkin Patch.. Here We Come!

Something came over me Saturday and I decided to venture outside. (I’m not really an outdoor kind of girl) We headed to Peckham’s Pumpkin Patch in Rantoul, KS. If you haven’t been there.. you should go! They have tons of things for the family to do; mazes, slides, water races, chili cook offs!.. ohh.. and pumpkins.

Check out this wart-y number..

They have these huge tube slides that all the kids loved! #4 is just sure The Man

is going to install one at our house.

Here’s #1 getting ready to try out the slide.

#1 made it out OK!

#4 loved it!

Who’s this dude? We’ll just call him #.5 for now.

We loaded up the family and went in search of pumpkin.

And guess what.. We found some ..

Here’s The Man and #4 looking for the perfect pumpkin..

but what’s that?.. could that be #3? she’s approaching her father..

I bet she’s going to get him to carry her pumpkin for her.

Yes.. I believe that’s what she did!

What’s that #3? You forgot the rule of pumpkin patches everywhere?

“If you can’t carry the pumpkin you need a different one?”

Obviously #3 operates on a different set of rules.. like.. I’ll make my dad carry my pumpkins…

Look! #5 found a pumpkin.. (and he can carry it)

I’m glad they found a wagon!

This pumpkin looked like a good one to me.

Here’s #1, #.5, #2 and The Man.. on our hay ride back to the car.

#4 thought he was a real country boy with some hay in his mouth.

Here’s the cover of our Thanksgiving Card…. if you don’t get it.. please accept

this as my “Happy Thanksgiving” to you 🙂

This is Mr. Peckham.. If you go to his pumpkin patch.. he will show you a good time!

Cute hat too!

Here’s our Pumpkin Loot (oh and some juice jugs too)