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Monday 2-10-2020


  • School
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Call Dentist (for #4)
  • Send “offers” to buyers
  • Figure out Valentine’s plans
  • Dinner = Flat Iron Steak, smashed potatoes, salad
  • Get items ready for “Facebook Market place sale”
  • Call eBay for returns that can be closed
  • Write up and schedule March “One and Only Listings”
  • Check at least 2 things off the “consultant list”
  • Clean out the car

Monday’s Plans 07-29-2019

I spent all of last week at eBay Open.  Here I am with a couple of my friends.

Here’s what I’m going to try to accomplish today.

  • Consulting Job
  • Shark Week… (seriously it’s my favorite)
  • One x’s
  • 2:00pm Meeting
  • Make sure warehouse orders shipped.
  • Write 10 eBay items (for myself and the other ID’s I manage)
  • Write 10 Amazon items (for the other ID’s I manage
  • Dinner: Roast, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Carrots and Rolls
  • Work on updating item specifics
  • Change purse out from “travel purse” to “normal purse’
  • Figure out new way to get to Consulting Job.. as the highway will be closed in 2 places
  • Put clothes away from trip

Daily To Do List


Monday's To Do..

  • Save water… (because our rural water district will be doing something to the lines.)
  • Write articles
  • finish sermon
  • post old articles on blog
  • exercise
  • Dinner= whatever we are having at VBS
  • VBS
  • Generaton Change
  • Work on curriculum for Mission Trip
  • Work on Curriculum for Home School
  • Lists for #1
  • Make box for mission trip
  • Mission Trip Shirts
  • go to bank
  • work on eBay stuff
  • Post Office
  • Clean…
  • Move filing cabinets inside
  • pick up photos from Walgreens

Monday’s To Do..

This pretty much describes how I feel.

Monday's To Do..

  • Write article

  • School the monkey’s

  • Call Forest Park

  • Make list for #1 2 3

  • Dinner= something with hamburger.. (if I don't go to the auction)

  • Write up stuff

  • Force someone to vacuum

  • Clean in box

  • move ferns to the side of house

  • Teach the dog to stop growling/barking at the birds in the backyard (really)

  • Decide if I'm going to this auction

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