No Good Rotten Day Update

So I guess I spoke to soon yesterday.  I said there was *Nothing* wrong with these packages…


Yesterday an item not received case was opened on one of these packages. You might be thinking.. "how could that happen since you  just sent them out"? 


When my mail carrier scanned these in she hit "delivered" instead of "accepted".. so now even though the item is in the postal system … it shows that it was delivered in Rantoul, KS .  The buyer not knowing what happened thought I somehow received her payment in the morning, and somehow delivered it the same day.. she opened a case which = a defect against me.  After checking all of the packages that were sent out Monday and Tuesday it appears that the there is something wrong with the scanner, or that 2 different postal carriers hit delivered instead of accepted.

I notified all 52 people that paid for their packages (that were sent out on Monday and Tuesday..) just incase they might see that their item was delivered on the same day that it was shipped.  *If* each one of those buyers opened a case, I would have a defect for each one and the money would be taken out of my account.  That's a little scary…


Here is what all 52 looked like.

postaldelivered2This is what they are supposed to look like.

Why the United States Post Office SHOULD NOT Be Part of the eBay Defect Rate

You may know that eBay is currently judging sellers on how quickly the post office handles the package.  If the item I sent is not handled correctly, I may get a defect.  Too many defects, and I can not sell on eBay.  Here is an excellent example of why eBay sellers should not be judged on how well the shipping carrier handles the item.

ponottrusted3This may seem normal to you if you do not know Kansas very well.  Below is a map of where this item went… Do you see how this item was "out for delivery" in Oskaloosa, KS?  Oskaloosa is not even the NEXT zip code over, it's 70 miles away from my post office.



This map shows how it went from Morristown, TN to Knoxville, TN then to Kansas City KANSAS, to Oskaloosa, Kansas then sent to Kansas City MISSOURI then to Rantoul, Kansas. 

This isn't even the best example.  I have packages that show items going to California and they were sent to Florida.  This is just one of the reasons eBay needs to re-think their defect ratings.

Daily To Do List


Monday's To Do..

  • Save water… (because our rural water district will be doing something to the lines.)
  • Write articles
  • finish sermon
  • post old articles on blog
  • exercise
  • Dinner= whatever we are having at VBS
  • VBS
  • Generaton Change
  • Work on curriculum for Mission Trip
  • Work on Curriculum for Home School
  • Lists for #1
  • Make box for mission trip
  • Mission Trip Shirts
  • go to bank
  • work on eBay stuff
  • Post Office
  • Clean…
  • Move filing cabinets inside
  • pick up photos from Walgreens