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Monday’s To Do..

This pretty much describes how I feel.

Monday's To Do..

  • Write article

  • School the monkey’s

  • Call Forest Park

  • Make list for #1 2 3

  • Dinner= something with hamburger.. (if I don't go to the auction)

  • Write up stuff

  • Force someone to vacuum

  • Clean in box

  • move ferns to the side of house

  • Teach the dog to stop growling/barking at the birds in the backyard (really)

  • Decide if I'm going to this auction

Monday To Do’s..

dog de bordeaux, porky, red dog, french mastiff

He's dreaming of getting a manicure…

Monday's To Do's…

  • Figure out if I have a Dr appointment today.
  • School the monkeys
  • clean the house.
  • make Dentist appt for #1 and #2
  • Drop off craft stuff at church
  • plan youth group
  • Dinner = something simple
  • write up a few eBay things
  • take pictures of the Christmas decorations
  • Write eBay Article
  • Book Sale
  • Take #3 and #4 to dance
  • Make December calendar

Monday’s a Good Day to Pout.. Right?

Sometimes school can be hard on a kindergartner. Sometimes

you just don't want to do school. It's much more fun to play

the legend of Zelda.

#5 thought he could out "stubborn" his mother.

He refused to do his math, so I had him sit down and when

he was ready to do his school to let me know. By the way that Saxon

Math is not his.. I like to think he's advanced.. just not that advanced.

He thought I was a little side tracked with the other kids, and

put on a bright blue knee-high sock. He heard me snap the


and went back to pouting..

Monday.. Monday..

Anyone know where this is?

Monday’s To Do List

1. Write up a few  eBay auctions.

2. do something with my hair..

3. Dinner= Left overs..  because I’ll be at the auction

4. Make breakfast for 7 children..

5. Pick Up #3 prize at the Library

6. Go to the auction

7.  Lunch with a friend

8. Clean out the closet in my bedroom

9. Send out packages

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