Extreme Home Make Over Pep Rally…

I thought I had blogged about this weeks ago.. but I didn't.  Extreme Makeover Home Edition had a Pep Rally for the Kansas build.  Here are the pictures.

Hey.. you can still do this http://www.joinextreme.com-kansas

#2 headed up to the Pep Rally!  That's the Marching Cobras in front of him…

What's a Pep Rally with out the best Basketball team?

The University of Kansas?

Um.. Hello Big Jay and Little Jay! I'm pretty sure I could be Little Jay if given the chance 🙂


Cute Nerd.. Nerdin' it up..

The Sponser Banner… Check it out #2's logo is on there!

#3 and her friends…

Here's #2 logo!

Here it is again… up on the BIG Screen.

Um… I want this purse.. Love the POPPIES! Ok back to #2..

He's pretty cute huh?  Not to shabby #2… Not to shabby…

Extreme Home Make Over Kansas Build Day 1: The Family

A few weeks ago I told you about my secret. My sweet #2 is the IT director for the Extreme Home Makeover Kansas build.  We are pretty proud of him.  Today was the big day… Here's a few pictures from it.

extreme makeover home edition, kansas build, ty pennington

The Extreme Home Makeover bus at 6th and North Cedar in Ottawa, KS

the hill family, extreme makeover home edition, ty pennington, M.A.C. Construction, Kansas Build

Here is the Hill family getting into the limo. You can see Paige Hemmis, Ed Sanders and Paul Dimeo.

the hill family, extreme makeover home edition, ty pennington, M.A.C. Construction, Kansas Build

Trying to get the shot right….

the hill family, extreme makeover home edition, ty pennington, M.A.C. Construction, Kansas Build

Ty saying good-bye to the family.

The Hill Family coming down to get in the limo.

Security… coming to get me 😉

LOVE Paige's boots…

Some of the crowd on this 108 degree day in Ottawa Kansas!

The Extreme Home Makeover limo taking the family to the build site.

The Monkey's with the bus… #3, #4, #5 #1 and #6

More pictures tomorrow… 🙂

If you are Near Kansas City….

I have a secret.. I get to tell part of it today… My dork-y son #2 was asked a  month or so ago to be the Extreme Makeover Home Edition IT (Internet Technologies) director for the Kansas Build.  I know what you are saying.. isn't that kid only 15?  Yes.. Yes he is.  He's just that cool 😉


Extreme Home Makeover Home Edition is coming to Kansas.  TONIGHT is the Pep Rally.. Do you want to come?  Consider yourself invited!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” is pleased to announce that several well-deserving families are under consideration for an extreme home makeover in the East Central Kansas region. Several families have been nominated based on their courageous stories. Come the beginning of August, the lives of one lucky family will forever be changed when they hear that special knock on their door and learn they have been selected for an Extreme Home Makeover.

There are several ways you can be involved.

1) Volunteer- There will be a Pep Rally for anyone interested. Tuesday, July 19, 2011 6-8pm at the Overland Park Convention Center 600 College Blvd Overland Park, KS 66216. The Marching Cobras and KU Pep Band will be be there. Come find out more about how you can be a part of this special event. If you can't attend the event, you can sign up out our website. http://www.joinextreme.com/kansas/  . We still need a lot of volunteers.

2) Sponsorship- If you or your company want to help sponsor the family and the build, we have several sponsorship packages available. Contact Traci Greer at 913-488-4199 or homewiseliving@yahoo.com

3 ) Donate- Anyone can donate funds to the family and the build. We also need building supplies. Just go to the website. http://www.joinextreme.com​/kansas/

4) Eat BBQ- Yep. You read that right. Come join us August 4th from 6-9pm. The Kansas City BBQ Society will bring in 6 of country's Top PitMasters for the Extreme BBQ Throwdown. The Extreme Makeover Home Edition cast will award the winning BBQ. The location and entertainment will be posted at the site.