Something to Sell on eBay: Paperweights

I’m not even sure this is a real sale.. there is only one

photo.. and the seller had a dirty joke as the description!

Panda Figurine Paper Weight Sold $1300.00 by eBay Seller Funfalconotter.  Check it out HERE.

1979 Nuutajarvi Finland Art Glass Paper Weight Artist. SOLD $ 265.00 By eBay Seller decorantique Check it out HERE.

This fish are pretty.. but I never thought they would sell for this.

2 Sabino Glass Fish Figurines PAIR Paper Weights LARGE SOLD $ 180.00 by eBay Seller zanstreasures.  Check it out HERE.


(2) Antique Cast Iron Jacks Book Ends Paper Weights. SOLD $142.50 by eBay Seller saleforsure. Check it out HERE.

This is beautiful!

Handcrafted Blown Glass Paper Weight Pen Stand Vintage SOLD $100.00 by eBay Seller i-have-fifty-dollhairs  Check it out HERE.

My Own Personal eBay Problem.. Have You Ever Had One?

I’m sure every eBay seller has had some item that disappears then shows up again.. Only for it to disappear AGAIN.. This yellow tang fish paperweight is my disappearing problem.

I think we sold this at least 2 or 3 times in about a 5 month time period.

The buyers were very understanding and we returned their money.

Currently the fish is lost again.  He’s been that way for several years.

If I ever find him again.. I’ll let you know.

So.. do you have a disappearing item in your eBay inventory?

A Whale of a eBay Problem… or How Can a Paperweight have SO Many Problems?

Looks like a simple paperweight huh?

This whale paperweight is cursed!  I know you are shaking your head in disbelief.. but it’s true!  It sold way back in 2005 to a lovely Canadian buyer.  They didn’t pay.  I forgot about it for awhile… re-listed it, sold and the buyer didn’t pay.  What’s a seller to do?  Well, I listed it again.  The buyer paid for it (amazing).. and we couldn’t find the little bugger.  So we refunded their money, and FOUND IT.

Currently the whale sits on a shelf and collects dust.  We used to be afraid of it.  Now we believe it likes being here in Kansas.  Do you have a cursed item?  What have you done with it?