What is Wrong With Humans These Days.. or eBay Buyers Can Be a Pain in the Patootie..


                                                                                                This is how I feel..

I’ve been putting off my blogging today, because I’ve just had the urge to be sarcastic and rude most of the day.  Why you ask?  If you sell on eBay you know why..  come on.. take a guess.. it starts with a B and ends in R.  IT’s a BUYER.. Now if you are a Buyer, please don’t think this is about you, unless of course it is, then well, change your ways!

So the day started out pretty good.. and then I received the email that puts a fear into most seller’s hearts…

Subject: New Significantly Not as Described Dispute: Case #PP-000-00-000


Dear Dumb Seller, (that’s me)


This BUYER has opened a dispute for the payment made on Mar 21, 2009

indicating that the item they received did not match the original



THIS BUYER has requested a $12.99 USD refund.

Now.. I know I should not be upset over $12.99.. and really I am not.  It’s what this buyer who has 3548 feedback ) said in the dispute. ** a little side note.. the "buyer" was also a Seller.. of the SAME item she bought from me**

She told PayPal this item was "not as described" and that she has given me ample time to resolve the problem.  HA.. She hasn’t even EMAILED me to tell me there was a problem!  Had she emailed.. we wouldn’t be having this blog.  It’s the fact she lied about contacting me (to make me look like a schmoe with PayPal), and kept the item almost 2 weeks.

I know that I won’t win in this situation AT ALL… No matter what happens, I will lose this dispute. I don’t want a buyer to be unhappy.  I want them to like their product.  I just don’t like being lied about.. by someone that knows better.  I will gracously take the item back and block the snarky hag from my auctions