Ask The eBay Queen

Ask The eBay Queen

Saturday’s To Do..

This is my son… and his grandmother's cat, Rusty.  He's always wanted a cat that could play the piano… so he could re-create Piano Cats He has Rusty pretending to play the piano here..

Saturday's To Do..

  • Breakfast for the family
  • Make copies of Confirmation class notebook
  • Work on eBay junk
  • pick up the house
  • Go to The Man's reunion
  • Dinner= Reunion food with The Man
  • grocery store

It’s Saturday, The Man’s Gone.. What’s the eBay Queen doing?

So it’s Satuday in the Eads house.¬† There is so much to do, and not much I want to do. The Man is gone..¬†he scheduled some work to do today.¬† I’m glad¬†he did, because I have a lot to do.¬† I never get anything done when he’s here.¬†I like to sit¬†with him on the couch and watch¬†TV.

(this is my favorite picture of The Man)

Just¬†him and I.. with the sounds of all those¬†unruly children in the background.¬† It makes me happy.¬† But today is a work day.¬† My bank and PayPal account say I NEED, no I MUST work on eBay today… but it won’t be 100% eBay.¬†¬†I have a¬†Confirmation Class worksheet to put together,¬†Girl Scout Sunday program to iron out all the kinks in, dinner to make and children to tend to..

Here’s what I plan on¬†getting written up today…

Wish me luck.. and a focused brain…

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