Wednesday’s Plans

*this* makes me laugh.

Wednesday’s Plans

  • School
  • Take the boys to Youth Group
  • Work on “new stocking stuffer daily” for cyber week
  • Start getting Black Friday Promo together
  • Clean up back office.
  • Figure out what #4 needs for his Friends Giving
  • Write up and list eBay and Amazon
  • Find new place for “gold” Christmas Tree
  • Dinner = Something Out
  • find new “head of the house” dining room chairs
  • Call dentist and Orthodontist
  • eye glasses for #3.5
  • Find hotel info for Hawaii

Friday’s To Do..

Friday's To Do List..

  • CLEAN this REALLY Messy House
  • Make Children Vacuum
  • write up a few eBay things
  • Find Magnet cookie sheet things
  • vacuum under cushions
  • start preparing for the Christmas decorations (I know it's not Halloween.. but that's how I roll)
  • Dinner= Grandma's Chicken and Rice
  • Straighten rugs
  • Fix Gazebo
  • Sweep porch
  • dust