Dear Grandpa; Please send more pants!

My father-in-law (Ward Cleaver) gave #2 a pair of pants.  Apparently#2 has had them for a couple of years, but only now has decide to wear them.

He really likes this pants.  He says they are; “comfortable”   “you can wear other pants under them” and my favorite, “if you get something on them, it slides right off”.

Yes, he really said that.  Embarrassing #2 really embarrassing.

I’ve told him the last 3 days that I need to wash these pants.  He doesn’t think they are dirty. Because “stuff just slides right off of them”.  Please Grandpa.. send the kid some more pants…

Moving the Old Dude Part 2

I don’t know about your house, but at my home when boxes sit for 6 years, they seem to break down and stuff falls out of them. Most of last week was dedicated to repacking the boxes that looked bad or some how popped open.

Here’s The Man and #4.. You can see #4 is just looking good.. (with his mood necklace on).

.. the moving of the crap has just started.

#2 looking confused..

I’m really embarrassed to say.. this is how my sweet daughter #3 always looks.. Like she’s relaxing on the sofa while everyone else works around her. There’s #2 driving the John Deere.. See my sweet #5? He’s sad because he’s not in that trailer.

I really don’t think this needs much explanation.

Pretty much this is how #2 Mows the Lawn.. with the Man checking on his work.

No where near being done.. but with my short attention span, I didn’t take any photos of the finished product.

They picked the trailer up at HIGH NOON today… it’s on the way back to Georgia.