Sunday.. Sunday… Sunday

family dinner time

Three day weekends around our house are full of cooking.

This weekend is no different.  I’m not sure if I’ll do much of this

today.. I mean it’s Sunday.. and we are suppose to “rest”.  But..

maybe.. just maybe.. I might get SOMETHING.. done.

Sunday’s To-Do List

1. It’s Youth Sunday..  The youth will be handling all the “stuff” going on at church today.

2.  Write up a few things.

3. update blogs

4.  Dinner= Sweet and Spicy Lasagna  (want the recipe? Check it out HERE)

5. check on photos.. (I’m moving my hosting)

6. Make WordPress Template for eBay Customer.

7. Clean the basement.

What Are You Doing Tomorrow?

Here’s Day 4 of my daily to-do list. I wasn’t very successful yesterday… I did have a good excuse. Keep in mind, I won’t get 1/2  of this stuff done today… but just in case… I’m feeling sassy.  I’ll have it written down.

  • Figure out the new eBay Fee schedule
  • Get my food and GS blog in order
  • Deliver the last of the Girl Scout Cookies
  • Count Cookie Money
  • Write my Ask the eBay Queen Blog
  • Answer eBay emails
  • I lost all my blogs for January 11-17th Get those back up…
  • Get everyone ready to go and at church by 9:00AM (there will be 1o of us going to church tomorrow)
  • Do a run through of our Youth Sunday line up.
  • Have The Man take 8 of the 10 people home.. and make them lunch
  • Inventory of the new church building (said with genuine excitement.. it’s been a long time coming) 🙂
  • Write School plans for Feb 1st – 5th
  • Avoid doing any work from the time I get home until I go to bed.
  • Tell The Man to make dinner. (this isn’t going to work.. but I’m going to try)
  • Make sure my stuff lists on eBay tonight.