Monday’s To Do List

More on this photo later today….

Monday's To Do List…

  • Clean the house
  • School the children
  • Dinner = something in the crock pot…
  • Book Sale
  • Parents night at Dance
  • Write article
  • Upload videos and send off tips
  • upload photos from Church Hayride
  • school plans… for next month
  • Make copies for Braving and Insurance company
  • List for doctors

Monday’s To Do’s

Monday’s To Do List

1. Finish VBS “God’s Word is Comforting” pillowcases

2. Cut Life Care Center Blankets

3. Fix photos

4. Teach #1 and #2 how to beat a castle in Super Mario Wii.

5.  Clean

6. Figure out a date for the Church Rummage Sale.

7. Write up a few eBay things

8.  Auction at 6:00 HERE

9. Dinner = leftovers