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A Glimpse From a Buying Trip

The Man and I left last week to take a little trip to purchase a some new product for my store.  Here is our trip in pictures.


The Man ALWAYS drives.  So I needlepoint.

I started a new needlepoint by Colors of Praise.  I am going for a Mackenzie Childs look for this needlepoint.  I forgot to take a photo of when I started.  This was when we were about 1/2 way to our destination.

Here is when the trip was over.


One of the best cheeseburgers I’ve ever eaten!  Haystack in Dallas


Hutchins BBQ

We bought so much we had to ship some back home.

+ we bought a car bag for the top of the car.


Tuesday’s Plans Quarantine Day 72

  • School
  • Dinner= spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
  • Post Office
  • Take #4 to work
  • Send progress email (daily)
  • Send offers
  • List on eBay/Amazon for Consulting Job
  • Work on inventory
  • Take stuff to Goodwill

Memorial Day Weekend Arbitrage?

I did a little arbitrage this weekend.  Did you?


One of the stores I hit was not so nice.  They were way to curious as to what I do with the items I was purchasing.  How do you respond to questions like that?





April/May eBay Sales Update.

If your eBay sales are not doing well  here are a few things you should do to improve them

  • List at least one item a day.
  • Update at least one item that has not sold
  • Do you have updated item specifics in your listings?
  • Offer Free Shipping
  • Offer Free 30 day returns

Here are the stats on the 2 ID’s I am responsible for their sales.


I realize that not everyone can ‘do’ 30 day free returns, or free shipping.  YOU CAN list items everyday or update your old  listings.  I promise this will make a difference in your eBay sales.

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