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Dear eBay Queen: I found A Gold Mine, How Should I List Them?

Dear eBay Queen:

I just received a return request for a brand new SEALED gift basket.  I received the basket after I won it in a local contest.  The basket consisted of the usual crackers, and candy.  It also had a cutting board, cheese, sausage, sparkling ginger ale and cheese straws.  This was factory sealed.

The buyer messages me and said that ”the item was not sealed and that nothing was fresh.”

What do I do?  Do I have to accept it?  The item was brand new and in mint condition.  I took 5 photos and my first photo or gallery photo was the stock photo from the internet and did not have the sealed cellophane on it.  BUT of course the items in my basket were sealed in the cellophane individually and then the big cellophane around the whole basket with a bow.




Dear Mimi:

This does sound a bit fishy.  I would message the buyer within the returns que, asking them to supply photos of the damage they were talking about, and I would ask them the following questions:

  1. Did the item arrive with the cellophane intact?
  2. Are the food items still wrapped and sealed?
  3. Has the cutting board been used?

Once they send back the photos you’ll know exactly what happened.  The large cellophane on the outside could have torn in shipping.  If they have eaten or opened the product I would contact eBay and ask them if you would be required to take back an item that has been opened and used.


Dear eBay Queen:

Over Thanksgiving I went shopping at my mother in laws Goodwill and Savers.  I’ve always known that she lives in a fantastic neighborhood, but this is the first time I went to her local thrift stores.  I picked up several really fantastic things, but I have a few questions regarding how to list them.

  1. Ralph Lauren Polo Bear Sweater. This sweater is gray and CASHMERE with a bear on it.  The problem is that is has ONE small hole right at the seam.  I’ve repaired it, and you can not even tell that there was ever a separation at the seam.  Am I required to share this with the buyer?
  2. Ralph Lauren Indian head sweater.  This sweater has a small snag on the back by the waist band. What do I say about this?
  3. Ralph Lauren Purple label collared sweater.  Nothing wrong with this.  There was a tag attached to the “spare” button that on the inside of the sweater.  This is a Ralph Lauren Purple label hang tag.  I think this has been worn and washed at least one time.  I guess the original owner tied it to the button?  Do I call this “new with tags”  OR do I call Pre Owned?

Thank in advance for all your help.


Dear Carla:

I hope that your mother in law lives close enough for you to visit and check those stores out often!  Here’s what I would do.

  1. I think it would be a good idea to say that you repaired it.  It is already pre owned, so to show a photo where you stitched the hole, will not detract too much from this popular sweater.
  2. Just like with the Cashmere Bear sweater, I would show a photo of the snag.
  3. Since you believe this item is pre owned already, I would say that it comes with the hang tag, but it is not new.

You will never go wrong telling the truth about the item AND showing a photo of the defect.  If you were the buyer for this item, how would you want your seller to describe and photograph the item?  If you live by that rule, you can’t go wrong when listing on eBay.


Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #222294381005. If you happen to run across a Ralph Lauren Bear Sweater, it’s probably  worth looking into selling it on eBay. They are highly collectible. NWT Vintage Ralph Lauren Polo USA Bear Navy Cotton Sweater 1992 SOLD: $1000.00.



eBay: My Week in Review: December 11th

Here are a few of the weird.. Unusual things that happened to me on eBay this week.



This buyer wanted to return their item.  We sent them a return label, and they returned it, BUT did not realized that I refunded their money.  I TRIED to send them a message, but eBay would not allow it to go through.  Do you see why?  The buyer eBay user id is: nameyahoocom.  eBay thinks their USER ID is an email address, so the message can not go through.  When I contacted eBay about it, they give me this crazy backwards way to send the buyer a message.  Uh.. how about tell the buyer to change their user id.

2. The buyer purchased a necklace and earring set.  The next day messaged and said that eBay told her she could return the item because she forgot to use her eBay coupon. She then purchase ANOTHER item uses the coupon and opens a return request for the first item.


3.   I sold a bra that I put the wrong style number in the title, but the right one in the listing.  I messaged the buyer and she said she wanted a refund.  We cancelled the transaction.  She messaged us back and decided she DID want that item.  We relisted the bra she bought it and we mailed it to her.  She received it and called me 4 times in  24 hours.  She said the bra was not as described. She said it was not a “razorback” bra.  I asked for a photo, she refused.  I approved the return request.  I received the item back and it wasn’t a “razorback” but it was a racerback as described.  I refunded her money and she left 2 negatives.


We called her on the phone, and asked her if there was ANYTHING we could do to make this better for her.  She stated.  “I make $250.00 an hour.  You’ve wasted 30 minutes of my time.  You want to pay me for my time?  You people deserve my comments and you obviously have a lesson you need to learn here”  We thanked her for her time (see what I did there) and hung up. I emailed her the next day and she stated that I never apologized to her.  If I did she would have removed the negatives.  So I sent her screen shots of both of our messages where we apologized…  I haven’t heard back from her; but that’s kind of how bullies are right?

That made me curious on what this chick does for a living.. so I googled her name.  She apparently is a Human Resources expert, and has written a book. You want to guess the name of her book?

Clueless Emperors: How to Overcome Problem People and Not Be One Yourself

She even DEFINES what a clueless emperor is.


Ha! People who suck the life out of you!

Her book even has a section about feedback.


I hope you see the irony here..

The negatives were removed because they were attached to the wrong items.  She put the cancel feedback on the one that was not cancelled AND put the photo feedback on the one that was cancelled.

4. Sporadically when a buyer wants to return an item instead of being able to have eBay send the label it’s giving me this page.


I’ve called eBay about this, and they have no idea why it’s doing this.  Do you have any guesses?

Dear eBay Queen: Selling Hatchimals Brings out the Worst in Humanity

Dear eBay Queen:

I am so upset.  I purchased 5 Hatchimals at the local Wal-Mart on Black Friday.  I stood in line and waited for hours to just have the opportunity to buy these things.  I put 2 on eBay and 2 on Amazon.  The last one I offered up for sale on the local swap and talk group.  To say I was eaten alive is an understatement.  I received numerous messages about what a bad person I was for making money off the item.  What is the deal?  I purchased the Hatchimals for 59.99.  I had them listed on eBay & Amazon for 159.99 with free shipping.  I sold each of those.  The one I put on Facebook I listed for 125.00.  That one not only did not sell, but I received Death Threats over it.

Here’s one message I received:

I want you to know that I am disgusted with your ad.  I bet you were raised here, right?  The people here take pride in their community and in helping each other.  You aren’t helping people! You are gouging them!  You know how much these sell for at the store! Why would you do this to the good people here?  Someone should shoot you.  Better yet just choke on the ugly bird egg.  I hope you get kicked off of Facebook for being dishonest.  Some of us live paycheck to paycheck.  We can’t afford to be taken advantage of like this.”

I took my listing down after all the bad “press” I received.  Why don’t people understand supply and demand?  Why is it my fault this person lives paycheck to paycheck?

Dear AN:

This kind of thing happens every year.  There always seems to be some toy that is the hot thing. Parents go crazy over it and there are always people that don’t respect the time it took for you to be first in line on Thanksgiving to get the item.  Other people’s choices are not your fault.  I think that Facebook groups are a great way to sell a few things you don’t want any more without having a garage sale, but just like going to Wal-mart you never know who you’ll run into.

I would not take any of this personally and list your last one on eBay.


Dear eBay Queen

Before Thanksgiving I had a buyer open a return on a pair of brand name leggings.  The buyer stated that she misread the listing, and that she thought they were a different size. I’ve waited and the buyer has not sent the item back.  According to eBay’s messages the buyer was supposed to send it back by December 1st.  She has never uploaded any tracking info but I finally received a package today.  I opened it, and it did not have the leggings in it that I sent.  It has a necklace in the box.  There is no return address or tracking. What do I do?  Should I contact the buyer?



Dear Abbie:

What does the postmark say? Is it the same town or close to where you sent the buyers package?  If it is, I would contact him through the returns Que.  If it now where near where he lives, you should call eBay and get the return escalated and closed.

To have a return closed you need to go to eBay and at the top of the page

  • ­­Click on “Help and Contact”
  • Go to the bottom of the page and click on “contact”
  • Click on Selling and then Money Back Guarantee and Returns
  • Click on Handling claims and Returns
  • Then at the bottom of the page click on “call us”

Once you speak to a customer service representative tell them they the buyer has not returned the item in the time eBay has given them.  They should close the case right away.

If your buyer returned the wrong item, I would message them (through the returns Que) and let them know that you received a necklace.  I don’t think it would hurt to attach a photo of the necklace and of the label.  I would then call eBay and they quite possibly will close the return after you do this.



Strange eBay Item of the Week: Item #332011849348. Hatchimals really are one of the hottest toys this year, and prices are all over the place for them on eBay. This one sold particularly high: Hatchimals Draggles Color Green Brand New Super Hot Toy VHTF SOLD: $7600.00.

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