Celebrity Sighting… Alice Cooper

While in Chicago last week.. shopping at Nordstroms Rack on State street I saw Alice Cooper.  Here’s what happened:

I love Nordstrom’s rack.  The only thing I DON’T like about The Rack is the lines.. and there are ALWAYS lines.  The Rack on State street is no exception.  I was standing there grumping to #3 about how unhappy I am about the line.. and I see this dude out of the corner of my eye.  I noticed his white shoes first.. then the open neck shirt with the necklaces.. and the white visor… and I took a second look.

I say to #3; “I think that’s Alice Cooper.”

She’s like.. “who’s that?”

I say; “You know Alice Cooper.. he’s a singer like Ozzy Osborne but different?”

To which she says in her best Ozzy voice; “Sharrrroooon!”

I try to plead my case to the cashier.. she doesn’t know who he is either.  Millennials! They know the Twitter and the Facebook, but not rock gods like Alice Cooper.


Alice Cooper.. standing in line just like the rest of us.

Here’s some pictures I found on the internet of him…


Same visor and necklace…alicecoper1Same visor and sunglasses

wpid-20150808_111546.jpgThen I saw this at my hotel…

I called The Man and told him who I spotted. (because Alice Cooper was one of the first rock concerts he ever attended.) He was impressed with my mad skills.  He of course said the famous line from Wayne’s World.


Something that Sells on eBay Unique Cocktail Shakers

I'm not a big drinker, but I love cocktail shakers.  Here are some of the top selling cool one's I've found on eBay.


How neat is this?

Harry’s New York Bar Cocktail Bar leather Case Handmade in Germany $6750.00 by eBay Seller harryspickmeup.  Check it out HERE


Antique 20th Century Gorham Hugh WWI Artillery Shell Cocktail Shaker & Server c 1915 SOLD 4995.00 by eBay Seller pushkin.antiques  Check it out HERE

shakers3I love this, and it has the original newspaper advertisement to go with it.

Exquisite Shreve Sterling Cocktail Shaker & Eight Nested Beakers SOLD 4335.00 by eBay Seller brdcorp Check it out HERE

shakers4This looks handmade.. If it is.. I'd figure out how to make more of these.

Fac-simile Eighteen Pounder Shrapnel Shell Cocktail Shaker Gotham? Sold $3506.00 by eBay Seller ruezone  Check it out HERE

shakers5How cool is this a trophy AND a cocktail shaker.

1931 Polo Trophy Onwetsia Club Oak Brook/Boston Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker SP SOLD $3500.00 by eBay Seller gaudygoodies Check it out HERE

Sometimes You Get Up and a Commercial Breaks out…

Our last day in Chicago we go woke up walked outside of our hotel only to be told we needed to stand back because they were filming a Mercedes Benz commercial…

DSCN3733I thought it was pretty cool that the car that was holding the camera was a Mercedes…

DSCN3736See the guy in white and black? I think he's the director. He was telling the people down the street..

"I need more SMOKE!"

DSCN3740Here it comes…


DSCN3751and with a tire squeal.. it stopped

Here's the video I took.. it's not very exciting.. but it's pretty cool that it happened right outside of my hotel.