Something That Sells on eBay.. Tea

I was looking for a special kind of Ginger Peach Tea and couldn’t remember the brand name.. so while I was searching for Tea on eBay.. I found some pretty expensive stuff..

tea1This stuff looks pretty gross to me…

Nestle Fuwa latte Uji Matcha Green tea milk ore Instant stick cup HOT ICE Japan SOLD 398.00 by eBay Seller xyz150521 Check it out HERE


1980’s Yiwu Ying Min Hao Old Aged Puer Pu-erh Tea Cake Raw- 380g SOLD $270.57 by eBay Seller sum0607 Check it out HERE


5000 Empty with String Tea Bags or Herbs Heat Seal Loose 2.5”x2.25” SOLD $239.95 by eBay Seller thespecialteacompany Check it out HERE


Teavana (Special Edition) Oprah Chai Tea! 2lb Bag/Free S&H + Free Gift SOLD $149.95 by eBay Seller avapotato Check it out HERE:

Something that Sells on eBay Unique Cocktail Shakers

I'm not a big drinker, but I love cocktail shakers.  Here are some of the top selling cool one's I've found on eBay.


How neat is this?

Harry’s New York Bar Cocktail Bar leather Case Handmade in Germany $6750.00 by eBay Seller harryspickmeup.  Check it out HERE


Antique 20th Century Gorham Hugh WWI Artillery Shell Cocktail Shaker & Server c 1915 SOLD 4995.00 by eBay Seller pushkin.antiques  Check it out HERE

shakers3I love this, and it has the original newspaper advertisement to go with it.

Exquisite Shreve Sterling Cocktail Shaker & Eight Nested Beakers SOLD 4335.00 by eBay Seller brdcorp Check it out HERE

shakers4This looks handmade.. If it is.. I'd figure out how to make more of these.

Fac-simile Eighteen Pounder Shrapnel Shell Cocktail Shaker Gotham? Sold $3506.00 by eBay Seller ruezone  Check it out HERE

shakers5How cool is this a trophy AND a cocktail shaker.

1931 Polo Trophy Onwetsia Club Oak Brook/Boston Lighthouse Cocktail Shaker SP SOLD $3500.00 by eBay Seller gaudygoodies Check it out HERE

Something That Sells On eBay Vintage Halloween Costumes

vh14costume1While searching for costumes.. I saw these were selling individually for $299.but together.. they sold for:

Kiss Vintage Halloween Costumes Set 1978 Aucoin Sealed Sold $999.99 by eBay Seller slayerforever Check it out HERE

vh14costume2How cute.. and weird is this little number?  I probably would have put "witch" in the title.

Iconic Antique Halloween Costume Dress 7 Diecuts/Paper Stars/Peplums SOLD $270.00 by eBay Seller kicoheda Check it out HERE

vh14costume3Ben Cooper costumes always seem to sell.. some higher than others.


Vintage Ben Cooper 1976 Hee Haw Scarecrow Costume w/Mask Clothes & Box Medium SOLD $260.55 bye eBay Seller 3prusa Check it out HERE


Vintage Halloween Costume Outfit Jumpsuit Dress OOAK 1950’s JOL Pumpkin Owl Fabric SOLD $203.50 by eBay Seller ckwonpoker Check it out HERE


Vintage Halco Halloween Costume Wizard of Oz Dandy Lion SOLD 177.50 by eBay Seller pob413 Check it out HERE 

Something that Sells on eBay: Carved Pumpkins for Halloween



Disney Haunted Mansion master Gracey Portrait Halloween hand carved pumpkin SOLD $375.00 by eBay Seller pumpkinking_77 Check it out HERE


Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Sally Zero Halloween Carved Pumpkin SOLD $340.00 by eBay Seller pumpkinking_77  Check it out HERE


Phantom of the Opera Carved Pumpkin Halloween Universal Monster SOLD $150.00 by eBay Seller richp38  Check it out HERE.



Frankenstein Halloween Hand Carved Pumpkin Lantern Foam.  SOLD $82.88 by eBay Seller dittster Check it out HERE