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Celebrity Sighting… Alice Cooper

While in Chicago last week.. shopping at Nordstroms Rack on State street I saw Alice Cooper.  Here’s what happened:

I love Nordstrom’s rack.  The only thing I DON’T like about The Rack is the lines.. and there are ALWAYS lines.  The Rack on State street is no exception.  I was standing there grumping to #3 about how unhappy I am about the line.. and I see this dude out of the corner of my eye.  I noticed his white shoes first.. then the open neck shirt with the necklaces.. and the white visor… and I took a second look.

I say to #3; “I think that’s Alice Cooper.”

She’s like.. “who’s that?”

I say; “You know Alice Cooper.. he’s a singer like Ozzy Osborne but different?”

To which she says in her best Ozzy voice; “Sharrrroooon!”

I try to plead my case to the cashier.. she doesn’t know who he is either.  Millennials! They know the Twitter and the Facebook, but not rock gods like Alice Cooper.


Alice Cooper.. standing in line just like the rest of us.

Here’s some pictures I found on the internet of him…


Same visor and necklace…alicecoper1Same visor and sunglasses

wpid-20150808_111546.jpgThen I saw this at my hotel…

I called The Man and told him who I spotted. (because Alice Cooper was one of the first rock concerts he ever attended.) He was impressed with my mad skills.  He of course said the famous line from Wayne’s World.


Celebrity Sighting Rob Pattinson or Edward Cullen

rob pattinson, edward, edward cullan, star siteing, guess who I saw?

Just in case you've been living in the Rain forest for the last few years.. this is Robert Pattinson or Edward Cullen.. depending on who you are 😉

This is some dude in IHOP that I thought LOOKED like Edward Cullan.

This is what #2 looks like when I start taking photos of people in restaurants. The arrow shows where "Edward" was in relation to #2. Do you think he's going to need therapy because I've tortured him?

I Think I Saw Jacob.. or Could this Be Taylor Lautner?

Taylor Lautner, Jacob Black, Twilight

You could say I’m a fan of Twilight.  I enjoyed the books, (read them all

twice) and I have seen all the movies.  This is why it kind of freaked me

out a little bit when I saw this dude in Barnes and Noble.

I think he looks a lot like this dude.. In case you don’t know who this is..

It’s Taylor Lautner.  He is one of the main characters in the Twilight series,

Jacob Black.. or the werewolf.  #3 is totally “Team Jacob” and #1 is with

“Team Edward”… me I’m more of a “Team The Man” sort of girl.

taylor lautner

If you were really asking who I liked best in the Twilight series I guess I would

say Edward… but I’m not crazy about Rob Pattinson.

Taylor Lautner, Team Jacob, Jacob Black, Twilight, Eclipse, New Moon, Barnes and Noble

Thank you for reading this blog about well.. nothing.. and my stupid

faux celebrity sighting 🙂

October 2021
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