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Happy 11 month Birthday #6

I can't hardly believe this little muffin is 11 months old today.

He didn't care so much about his Christmas presents.  He really liked

the paper and the boxes.


Happy Birthday #6!

In Honor of Festivus…

I love Seinfeld. I never watched it much when it was on regular TV… but we watch it every night now. If you are a Seinfeld fan, you'll know that yesterday December 23.. was Festivus….

Homemade pizza

Festivus starts with a non-holiday comfort food.

We chose pizza. I made 4 different pizzas. We had Canadian bacon,

a thin all meat, pepperoni.. and a deep dish all meat with sweet

onions on top. After or during the meal there is the "airing of

grievances". This is where each person tells everyone else

all the ways they have disappointed them over the past year.

After the non-traditional meal, there is the "Feats of Strength". This is where

people challenge the head of household in a wrestling match. It ends when

the head of the household is pinned. You can get out of challenging the

head of household ..if you have something better to do.

The only people that would challenge the head of household

this year was #4 and #5. It didn't go so well for them. The

head of household was not pinned… It was a FESTIVUS MIRACLE!

Christmas Dance Pageant

Monday evening #3 and #4 were in a Christmas Dance Pageant.

Here's #5.. he wasn't in the dance, but thought he should wear

his "Link" (Legend of Zelda) Costume and his "Woody" hat.

Here's the FULL effect of the costume. I know what you are saying..

"How could she let her kid out of the house in that outfit?" All I can

say is.. "It was a weak moment."

#4 auditioned for his part as a cow. He's a pretty cute cow huh?

Here's #3 as an angel. She is signing to "O' Little Town of Bethlehem".

I love this photo of #4.. He's such a cute angel!

Hark the Herald Angels Sing!

#3 was an Angel too..

Here she is as a wise man. Bringing her gift to baby Jesus.

#4 was a dancing shepherd.

A whole mess of shepherds!

#3 did an AWESOME tap dance to Little Drummer Boy…

my photos aren't very good.. of her dance. 🙁

More bad photos of the "Little Drummer Boy Dance"

Christmas Before and After Part 2

Part 2 of Christmas Before and After…

The hutch in my dining room before…


polka dot pigs, christmas tree, pig wall paper

And after again..

pigs, pig wall, cute kitchen stuff, pig plates, salt and pepper shaker

Here's a before of my buffet table. I bought this table at an auction

for $50.00. I loved the top, it's stainless steel.. and the insides of the

drawers are lined with stainless steel. Pretty cool huh?

starbucks, christmas, starbucks ornaments, red and white

Here's my after… I bought all the wood trees from Starbucks

three or so years ago. The paper cone trees are from Starbucks

5 years ago.

My dining room.. before.. ignore my "not framed" french doors.

This is a work in progress..

starbucks ornaments, starbucks trees, cone trees, red and white, christmas

Dining room after.

These red and white cone trees came from Starbucks. I've seen

them from time to time on eBay.

starbucks, christmas, ornament

After …

After.. window decoration…

Kitchen Christmas Tree

My kitchen tree.. with glittery fruit.

I forgot to included this one from yesterday.. This is in my entry way.. On

my banister I have all the different stockings that we have had since 1994.

I've made 4 sets of different stockings over the years, and when

I have a new baby I can't find the matching fabric.. so I make new ones.

Which will be happening NEXT year.. 🙂

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