Biting Off More Than I Can Chew…

About 3 weeks ago I thought.. "Hey let's make the kids some cute outfits for Easter." Then I bought some fabric and those 2 patterns… and forgot about it.

You see last year I did this polka dot number for Easter, but didn't make anything for #1… or for the Ginger either.

Christmas I did this…

Here is this years fabric… Do you think I can get 2 dresses and 4 ties done before Sunrise Service next Sunday?

Me Neither…

Monday’s To Do List

This kid has issues with VBS.. for some reason he refuses

to go with the flow.. so he hangs out with his mother in

the craft room.. instead of doing all the fun VBS stuff.

Here our friend Kie Kie is trying to get him to take his

picture.. but he refuses… I wish he’d stop acting like

his father… 😉

1. Appointment 10:00 am

2. Write up eBay stuff

3. Cut out butterfly shapes make them into charms.. and bake them 🙂

4. Dinner= hanging out with my friends at VBS.. and eating Taco Salad

5.  Crafts at VBS

6. Write article

7. pick up VBS photos from Walgreens

8. upload VBS photos to church website..

Monday’s To Do’s

Monday’s To Do List

1. Finish VBS “God’s Word is Comforting” pillowcases

2. Cut Life Care Center Blankets

3. Fix photos

4. Teach #1 and #2 how to beat a castle in Super Mario Wii.

5.  Clean

6. Figure out a date for the Church Rummage Sale.

7. Write up a few eBay things

8.  Auction at 6:00 HERE

9. Dinner = leftovers

Thursday’s To Do List.. All Girl Scouts.. All Day.. (or that’s what it feels like)

1. Get Girl Scout Patches organized and sorted out.

2. Put Initials on bags (craft for girl scouts).

3. Get example done (girl scout craft).

4. Girl Scouts

5. Take #3 to dance

6. Work on church eBay stuff. I’m crossing this off.. but I don’t think I did much..

7.  Get house picked up (Ya.. right)

8. Dinner: Chedderwurst on griddle buns, seasoned fries, strawberry shortcake