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Monday’s To Do List

This kid has issues with VBS.. for some reason he refuses

to go with the flow.. so he hangs out with his mother in

the craft room.. instead of doing all the fun VBS stuff.

Here our friend Kie Kie is trying to get him to take his

picture.. but he refuses… I wish he’d stop acting like

his father… 😉

1. Appointment 10:00 am

2. Write up eBay stuff

3. Cut out butterfly shapes make them into charms.. and bake them 🙂

4. Dinner= hanging out with my friends at VBS.. and eating Taco Salad

5.  Crafts at VBS

6. Write article

7. pick up VBS photos from Walgreens

8. upload VBS photos to church website..

Monday’s To Do List

When I win the lottery.. I’m going to get one of theses….

Monday’s To Do’s

1. Write up eBay stuff

2.  Call about Barracoda being sent back. They were kind of rude..and snarky.. but after 6 weeks they are sending my bar code reader to me.

3.  Clean the humble abode. Can this place ever be clean?

4. Send out Father’s Day card & Netflix

5. Work on VBS crafts

6. Dinner= Baked Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, peas and rolls Change of plans.. chicken and beef tamales (home made), steak fajitas, spoon bread, cilantro rice, and  sopapilla cheesecake.

7. Write article

8. Figure out why all of these “mail failure” thing are coming to my inbox

9. work on church’s eBay stuff…

July 2022
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