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The Unloading of Girl Scout Cookies.. in pictures

Today was Girl Scout cookie delivery day… You know you want to see it 😉

girl scout cookie delivery

Here's an overview of the cookies all sorted out by troop.

Proof I have no problem with child labor…

#2 and #3 counting boxes…

The smell of Thin Mints in the morning makes her feel all glamorous.

I am really glad this day only comes once a year…

UPS Delivers.. Sometimes we deliver to them..

It snowed here in Kansas over Christmas eve.  For the first time (that I knew of) we had blizzard warnings.

This is what use to be my 2 lane road that has become 1 lane road..

because of snow drifts.

Neither one of these photos really show how much snow we received,

OR how bad the road is.. It was deep!

This is the entrance to my driveway.. that’s all ice.

This is a view from my driveway looking up the road.

Here’s a view of my driveway from the road.  It’s pretty steep and

a long way up.  Do you see the ice?

This is a UPS Truck sitting at the end of my driveway.

When it’s nasty out.. we meet our driver at the end of our driveway

and give him our boxes.

Just to once again embarrass myself…

See the little smudge there..( it’s in all the photos)… Once again

proving to The Man I need to “keep my fingers off the lens!”

October 2021
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