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My First Attempt at.. Mobile Blogging

I realized in my rush to get out of my house to run errands that I had not set my blogs to publish, AND I didn't have my computer with me.  I guess it' s time to try mobile blogging. 

This is #2.  He is at the dentist office getting a cavity filled. He looks pretty happy don't you think? 


Friday’s To Do List

Friday's To Do's

  • Take #2 and #4 to the Dentist
  • Work on Store
  • Dinner = out with the man.. I hope
  • Take #2 to hang out with his Grandpa
  • Clean the house
  • write up a few eBay things if I have time.

Wednesday’s To Do’s

I'm busy as a….

Wednesday's To Do's…

  1. Take #2 and #4 to the dentist
  2. Clean up eBay Room.
  3. Youth Group!
  4. Paint youth room
  5. Make all those dumb phone calls.
  6. Set up October bulletin board
  7. Get #3's squirt bottles and hair bob's for her class she's teaching..
  8. help her make the gift hair bob's.

Thursday’s To Do’s

Thursday's To Do List…

  • I scheduled School today.. but I forgot about the other stuff we have..
  • #3 & #5 Dentist
  • #1 Doctor appointment
  • Girl Scout Meeting
  • Move Church Pews
  • Girl Scout Cookie Training
  • Dinner= Breakfast.. pancakes, eggs and bacon.
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