What Was Lost is Found..

WAY back on Mother's Day in 2014.. Golden Boy (#2) bought me the needlepoint I've wanted for quite some time.  It's this Melissa Shirley Designs 3 Little Pigs Needlepoint. If you don't needlepoint, you may not know that it's not a cheap hobby.  A Melissa Shirley needlepoint canvas is hand painted, so it's like it's a tiny work of art. I buy 99% of my canvas's on eBay because the mother of 7 can't afford one retail.

Since the needlepoint store in Kansas City closed down.. I don't have any place to buy fibers.  #2 and I went to Atlanta February 17th-20th for his business trip.  We had a great time, and I got the opportunity to go to the needlepoint shop In Stitches that is located in Buckhead, GA.


Melissa Shirley's Three Little Pigs


I bought just a few fibers to start the needlepoint, rolled my canvas back up.. and flew back to Kansas City with it.  When I arrived back in Kansas City on Friday evening, it was the start of The Man's Christmas present.  He loves the PBR Pro Bull Riders (and I do too) so every year I buy him tickets to the rodeo and we make a weekend of it.  This cute little needlepoint road around with me (or so I thought it did) all weekend.  When I arrived home Sunday I thought this was in The Man's car…. on Monday night I asked him to bring it in, and IT WASN'T in his car.  We started making phone calls on Monday night into Tuesday.  We called every place we went…. no needlepoint canvas.  I was so afraid that I lost this, and I would never own one again.  I cried in the shower.. I cried when I went to bed.  I even DREAMED about this thing.  I dreamed that it was finally returned to me.. but it was FINISHED. (is that dumb or what?)


#2 called the hotel we stayed in on Monday evening, and they said they didn't have it. #1 called all the parking garages in the Power and Light District and IKEA to see if they found it.  I called the restaurants, movie theater, and shopping places we went… No canvas. I thought I would call the hotel again, just to see… and they had it! 🙂  I can't tell you how happy I was to see it again!

The Onions are Here.. The Onions are Here!

Onions, Vidalia, Georgia, we love onions

The Valdalia Onions are Here.. They came! They came!

I’m working on the cleaning the basement today.. but thought I should take some time to show you the source of my happiness for the day..

Look at these Jumbo Beauties!  They are just waiting for me to turn them

into onion rings, Jack Daniels sauce, and other delicacies.

We are sending a special thank you to my friends in Georgia that sent them to

me!  We love and miss you!

Vidalia Onions = Heaven

I should start this blog out by saying.. this should probably go on my cooking page.. But these are so good.. and kind of unusual so I’m home paging it!

Every year my father (Georgia Native) sends me a box of Vidalia Onions. We (the family and I) look forward to it every year.

I would be lying if I said my family did not get excited when these arrive.

Some people might be saying.. “What are you going to do with 20lbs of Onions?”

Besides use them in every day cooking.. I can make:

Salisbury Steak with Onion Straws..

Garlic Potatoes

Z-Man Pizza


Just some Onion Rings..

If you would like some of these Onions.. check out http://vidaliaonion.org