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Happy Birthday eBay!

Happy Happy 15th Birthday eBay!  I hope you have many more.. and if you are really listening.. I hope that you will consider your OWN customer satisfaction in the years to come..

Here’s some strange eBay Facts:

  • A cell phone is sold on eBay every 6 seconds
  • A video game system is sold every 17 seconds
  • A pair of shoes every 8 seconds
  • A mans tie every 45 seconds
  • A bedding item every 25 seconds
  • Once a minute a major appliance is sold.

Most popular search term? IPad, IPhone, Ipod Touch, Gps, Pottery Barn, Ralph Lauren, Curtains, Chandeliers, Burberry, Wedding Dress, Handbags, Prom dresses, Sunglasses

I Want This… Cleaning Up the School Room

I have a love hate relationship with my school room.  I love it because I have it.. and I’m grateful that I do.. but I don’t love it because it’s ALWAYS a mess.  When I designed the house we built I thought it would be cool to have a loft/school room.  I didn’t realize my children would play in there, and it would be the catch all for stuff upstairs. 🙁  BUT  I really can’t complain.  There are a lot of homeschooling mothers that do their school stuff at the kitchen table… which sometimes I find myself doing because I get angry at the school room…

Each year at the start of summer I start thinking about painting the school room and re-organizing it.  When I get the guts I’ll put some photos on of  what the school room looks like now.. but here’s some examples of what I wish it looked liked!

This from Pottery Barn.  You can see it HERE

I love the way it has a place for everything.. and it’s so clean and neat.. I don’t really NEED the whole thing.. but a few pieces would be nice.

Here’s what Pottery Barn says about it:

Clever and versatile, our modular Daily System is the ultimate home-office assistant. Now it’s available with our Smart Technology™, which integrates hand-held devices seamlessly into your daily life. To create a system that’s ideal for your space, click here to view our Daily System Tool.

  • Our modular Daily System allows you to create a customized system for supreme organization in any room.
  • Digital Frame with Corkboard & Cubby Features a 6-inch digital frame that copies photos, videos and MP3s directly from a memory card, digital camera or PC. Featuring 128MB of memory, it holds up to 1300 digital images. It has complete media support for JPEG, MPEG1, MPEG4, MP3 and AVI files, and accepts MMC, DV, MS and XD memory cards.
  • Each Daily System modular component slides onto a wall-mounted stainless-steel rod, so you can easily move or add each piece. Corkboard, letter bin and office organizer take the 12-inch rod; all other pieces take the 24-inch rod. The Top Display Rod is sold separately.
  • Catalog / Internet Only.

I like the way this looks, but it’s not really set up for homeschooling..

Soon.. I’ll post a few photos of my school room…

April 2021
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