Not As Described Returns from other Sellers.

Today I was pretty shocked a buyer that is also a Top Rated Seller opened an exchange request on eBay, and asked me to send their new item to a different address in a different state.  What was so shocking?  They had sent several emails last week telling me that these shoes were too big.  I made sure to tell her we offer free returns, and to select “didn’t fit”.  Low and behold, she opens it as an exchange, and says that the item is not as described.

The buyer is a Top Rated Seller and does not offer free returns… and apparently has the patience of a toddler.


She open an exchange @ 2:30pm and stated:

Reason for return: Doesn’t match description or photos
Comments: I need a 7.5 and if they don t come in half sizes I need a 7. Thanks! (insert name and address here.) I am in-between homes so please make sure the new pair go to my address listed and  NOT address you shipped the first pair too.  Thanks


She sent this message @3:18pm

I need a label immediately. If you want I can return these and just reorder. Thanks

Another at 4:30

I need a label immediately. 

Another at 5:10

I need this label NOW to send this back!  I am traveling soon and I want to return this!

I responded @ 5:30

I have approved the request, and sent a label.

I noticed you did not open it for fit. Can you explain why as a seller yourself you would open a return as not as described when clearly you stated they were too big?

Her response: 

You know what, I am becoming increasing more tired of with your lackluster service and basic BS. Your customer service is awful. Just send a return label and we can be done with this. This is NOT about me as a seller buy YOU as a seller. I am still waiting for your label.  You are just awful. And who the heck are you to question me?

My response:

I’m sorry you feel that way.  Since you said they were too big, the proper thing to select would be a return for fit.  We offer free returns, so no matter what you select, you will get a free return label.  I thought maybe you selected it in error, since you are a Top Rated Seller yourself; I believed you would know what happens when a seller is accused of sending items that are not as described.  eBay will put a mark against their account. I could not imagine that you would want that to happen to a fellow seller.

The Sequined Patch Contest OR Today I’ve Seen It All….

A few days ago I received this message from a buyer.  She made offers on 17 different sequined patches.  All the patches have free shipping on them.  Here's what she said:

"I just made offers on many of your lots. Please do not be offended by my offers. I have to buy low enough to make a profit. Being a large company I have many expenses, paying employees and taxes are killing me! If you can not except I understand. Thank you for your time."


I didn't respond to her message.  I did make counter offers on the items.  Some she took, some she didn't.  She paid, and my "tiny company" sent her "large company" the product she ordered.

She received her items within 3 days of purchase (today) and I received this message from her:

"Also I wanted to ask if you mind if I use your photos so I don't have to take photos of the items I buy from you.This would be very helpful and I would possibly buy more from you if I did not have to take photos. Saves me time and when it is an item I can not reorder I do not like to take much time on listing them. Since my time is very limited Bless you and your business."

There are so many thing I want to say to this.  But I'd like to hear what you have to say… The best response receives one of each of the patches she ordered from me…

You know you want them!  They are very sparkle-y!

Maybe I'll let *you* use my pictures…