Not As Described Returns from other Sellers.

Today I was pretty shocked a buyer that is also a Top Rated Seller opened an exchange request on eBay, and asked me to send their new item to a different address in a different state.  What was so shocking?  They had sent several emails last week telling me that these shoes were too big.  I made sure to tell her we offer free returns, and to select “didn’t fit”.  Low and behold, she opens it as an exchange, and says that the item is not as described.

The buyer is a Top Rated Seller and does not offer free returns… and apparently has the patience of a toddler.


She open an exchange @ 2:30pm and stated:

Reason for return: Doesn’t match description or photos
Comments: I need a 7.5 and if they don t come in half sizes I need a 7. Thanks! (insert name and address here.) I am in-between homes so please make sure the new pair go to my address listed and  NOT address you shipped the first pair too.  Thanks


She sent this message @3:18pm

I need a label immediately. If you want I can return these and just reorder. Thanks

Another at 4:30

I need a label immediately. 

Another at 5:10

I need this label NOW to send this back!  I am traveling soon and I want to return this!

I responded @ 5:30

I have approved the request, and sent a label.

I noticed you did not open it for fit. Can you explain why as a seller yourself you would open a return as not as described when clearly you stated they were too big?

Her response: 

You know what, I am becoming increasing more tired of with your lackluster service and basic BS. Your customer service is awful. Just send a return label and we can be done with this. This is NOT about me as a seller buy YOU as a seller. I am still waiting for your label.  You are just awful. And who the heck are you to question me?

My response:

I’m sorry you feel that way.  Since you said they were too big, the proper thing to select would be a return for fit.  We offer free returns, so no matter what you select, you will get a free return label.  I thought maybe you selected it in error, since you are a Top Rated Seller yourself; I believed you would know what happens when a seller is accused of sending items that are not as described.  eBay will put a mark against their account. I could not imagine that you would want that to happen to a fellow seller.

Dear eBay Queen: Can We Talk about Top Rated Sellers?

Dear eBay Queen:

I’ve been selling on eBay for the last 10 years.  I do this mostly to make up for the child support that my deadbeat, ex-husband does not pay.  I have a job that allows me to work from home, so after I put in the hours for that job, I do eBay.  I have heard so much talk about this defect system, and so many people are obsessed with it.  Without really knowing how it works, I have grown to hate this defect system.  The thought of looking at my dashboard freaks me out.  I finally broke down today and looked at my ratings. I have 2.1 defect rating, it says I’m above standard, but not top rated.  Are you a top rated seller?  Do you think that being a top rated seller make a big difference in your sales and profits?  I have spent my years on eBay worrying about selling… now I have to worry about this.  What advice can you give me?



Dear Callie:

I have been both a Top Rated Seller and Above Standard.  It has been my opinion that I sell more stuff when I am above standard.  That being said, I really like the benefits and the discount I receive as a top rated seller.

I truly believe that eBay’s search algorithms are messed up.  When I shop on eBay I always search by “time ending soonest” as opposed to “best match”.  I don’t want eBay to tell me what I’m looking for, and with Best Match that’s what I feel like they are doing.  When I search for “Nike size 6,” I  want to see ALL the Nike tennis shoes in a size 6.  Not just what eBay wants me to see.


Dear eBay Queen:

I really need your help! I am primarily a buyer on eBay and the last couple of items I bought have arrived “Not as Described”.  I messaged the seller and explained to them that the shoes may say they are an 8.5, but they do not fit like and an 8.5, and I wanted my money back.  The seller sent me a message, and is acting like I just want to keep this wrong item. They said I could keep it & offered me a 50% refund. Here is the message they sent me:

“I’m so sorry the shoes do not fit you.  I don’t believe they are not as described, since the shoes say they are an 8.5 and I took photos and measurement of the bottom and inside of the shoes, so that you, the buyer, could better judge if these shoes will fit or not. I would be happy to offer you a refund of 50% and you can keep the shoes, or you can send them back and I will refund your money less shipping and a 10% restocking fee.”

What? The shoes aren’t as described! Why I should have to pay for it?   I called eBay. The last  time this happened they told me I had to pay return shipping because those were the sellers terms. This time they said I needed to pay return shipping, or I could open a not as described case and say that they were not as described.  What do you think I should do?

Angry Buyer

Dear Angry:

I don’t think your seller was unreasonable.  If what you are saying is true, you ordered size 8.5 shoes, and that is what you received, then they are as described.  The seller went above and beyond by measuring the shoe.  Now it is up to you to decide what to do.   If you open a case, eBay is going to require you to return the shoes, pay return shipping and restocking fee.  If you take the 50% you could turn around and sell the shoes yourself. 

The only way for these to be considered “not as described” is for them to be a different size, color or different shoe all together. I understand you are upset that the shoe doesn’t fit you, but, unfortunately, that is one of the drawbacks to buying things on the internet.

I hope that you can work this out with the seller.

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